Delta VFD MS300 Installation



1. Wiring

Apollo III: Please see installation process in the Appendix.

Control Cable: The VFD Control cable is the Ethernet cable (Green) that runs from the Delta VFD to the Control as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.


Figure 1 Ethernet Connection to VFD


Figure 2 Ethernet Connection to Control

 Spindle Motor: Connect your spindle motor to the terminals labeled U/T1,V/T2, and W/T3 as shown in Figure 4. If your spindle moves the wrong direction when you turn it on, just swap any three of the (U,V,W) leads.


Figure 3 Spindle Motor Connections

Brake Resistor: Connect your brake resistor by placing the two wires on the +2/B1 and B2 terminals as shown in figure 4.
(Note: If needed to extend the wires use High Temp rated wire.)

Mount Resistor: Mount the resistor to the cabinet.


Figure 4 Delta VFD MS300 Resistor Connections

2. Programming

VFD Programming

To program the VFD you will need to utilize the Mach4 software. While the control is disabled follow the next few steps. 

Step 1: Click on Configure -> Plugins -> MachMotion


Step 2: While in the MachMotion Plugin Type "Delta" in the search field.


Step 3: This will populate the Parameters for the Delta VFD MS300.


Please utilize these default parameters but you can always adjust these parameters based on the spindle motor. Be sure to scroll down to see more of the parameters.

Delta VFD MS300 Parameters

 Parameters Description Standard Range
 01-00  Max Operation Frequency 60  00.00~599.00 Hz
01-01  Base Output Frequency  60   00.00~599.00 Hz
01-02  Max Output Voltage 220  110 V / 230 V series: 0.0 V~255.0 V
460 V series: 0.0~510.0 V
01-07  Min. Output Frequency   0.00~599.00 Hz
01-08  Min. Output Voltage  110 V / 230 V series: 0.0 V~240.0 V
460 V series: 0.0 V~480.0 V
01-12  Accel. Time   0.00~600.00 sec.
01-13  Decel. Time   0.00~600.00 sec.
05-00  Motor Parameter Auto Tuning   0, 1, 2, 13
 05-01 Full-Load Current of Induction Motor  10~120 % of drive’s rated current
05-02 Rated Power of Induction Motor 1 0~655.35 kW
05-04 Pole Number of Induction Motor 4  2~20
06-01 Over-Voltage Stall Prevention 0

0: Disabled
110V / 230V: 0.0~450.0 Vdc
460V: 0.0~900.0 Vdc


Make sure to set this to zero if you are using a brake resistor.

07-00 Software Brake Level 390 110 V / 230 V: 350.0~450.0 Vdc
460 V: 700.0~900.0 Vdc


Spindle Calibration

To scale your emulated RPM feedback, calculate your feedback ratio as follows:

Max Spindle RPM / 1800 = Feedback Ratio

Then while the control is disabled follow the next few steps. 

Step 1: Click on Configure -> Control. Then select the Spindle tab.

Spindle Feedback Ratio

Step 2: Enter in the value you calculated in FeedBack Ratio for Spindle Gear 1 as shown below:

FeedBack Ratio for Spindle Gear 1



Apollo III 

If you have an Apollo III board you will need to connect the Ethernet cables in a specific way.

1. Install the communication card on the Delta VFD. Place the Black Connection harness to the communication card and place the green PE wire into the green connection.


2. Connect Ethernet cable coming from the Delta VFD to Ethernet 2 Port on the Apollo III.

3. Connect the Computer Ethernet cable to Ethernet 1 Port on the Apollo III. 

4. Connect the the Apollo III board enable to Delta MS300 VFD as shown below.


5. Refer back to Step 1 for motor wiring and incoming power wiring. 



If you were to get an alarm on the VFD you will receive a message on the computer screen from the Global Message System. For example, the figure below shows a communication alarm. In the description of the alarm it will describe the necessary steps to try to resolve the alarm.


Changing IP Address

 The IP address of the VFD must be set to to communicate with Mach4. This has to be done on the drive. After communication with the drive is set up all other programming and modifying parameters can be done over the network from the MachMotion Parameters page in the MachMotion Plugin.

Parameter Desc Value
09-76 IP address -1 192
09-77 IP address -2 168
09-78 IP address -3 208
09-79 IP address -4 80
09-84 Default gateway -1 192


Default gateway -2 168


Default gateway -3 208


Default gateway -4 80

Warranty Information

MachMotion warranty policy is subject to change. Updated information is available at our website:


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