Write Base Parameters to Yaskawa VFD

Warning: On a VFD with modbus control, most of VFD parameters are downloaded automatically so only use this process for advanced or custom options.

Install/Open Yaskawa DriveWizard

1) Open the MachMotion Programs and Drivers shortcut on the desktop and select Drive Wizard Industrial and skip to step 5.  If the drive wizard is not installed on the control, proceed with step 2.

2) On the MachMotion server, Go to Production->Products->Spindles->VFDs->Yaskawa->V1000->sw.dw.30.

3) Move "setup" to the desktop of the controller and double click to install.

4) After running the install, open "DriveWizard Industrial." Check lower right corner of screen for updates.

5) Click on "Drive Selection & Communication Setup" in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

6) Change the first drop down labeled "Drive Series" to V1000. Select "Ethernet" option. Click "Modify" and change IP address in "Direct IP Connection" window. IP needs to match the drive you're connecting to (,, etc.)

7) Go back to "Drive Selection."

8) Click "Connect to Drive / Go Online."

Write Base Parameters to Yaskawa VFD

1) Click on "Write Parameters" in the tool bar at the top of the screen

2) A window will appear that shows drive scanning results.  Close out of that window.

3) A confirmation window will now pop up asking to overwrite V1000 parameters.  Click "Yes".

4) The V1000 parameters have now been written to the VFD.

5) Power cycle the VFD for the new parameters to take effect.


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