Dresser Motor Instructions

These instructions show how to properly wire an  GROSCHOPP WK0847404 Motor  To a  KB Electronics KBMG-212D(8831K) Drive

Wire motor to drive as shown






Input power to drive


Be sure to fuse one leg of motor power

- 3 of ABC-2-R
- MFG: Bussmann
- https://www.galco.com/buy/Bussmann/ABC-2-R
- Description: 2A, 250V, F, 6X32mm, FAST ACTING, CERAMIC BODY, RoHS COMPLIANT, Vendor GALGO
- Fuse holder:
- 1 of 3046401
- MFG: Phoenix Contact
- UT 6-HESI (6,3X32) - 3046401. Vendor Barr-Thorp


General overview



(If you are a nerd and want to know the why, this is for you)

Shunt wound motors

Motor, shunt wound

Shunt-wound motor generally have 4 wires. Two connect to the (relatively) high resistance field and two connect to the much lower resistance armature.

In the shunt wound motor, the battery voltage is connected across the field winding. A steady current (equal to the battery voltage divided by the resistance of the field winding) flows in the field winding, causing it to become an electromagnet. These motors behave exactly like a PM motor, but with the permanent magnet replaced by an electromagnet. Usually the field winding is brought out separately from the armature, so the motor has four wires. With an ohm meter you can check that there are in fact two windings, a high resistance one (the field) and a low resistance one (the armature). To control the speed, connect the field winding directly across the battery and drive the armature from a controller as if you are using a PM motor.