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Yaskawa Sigma 7 Ethercat RapidPath Absolute Encoders Homing

For setting initial 0 positions on Yaskawa absolute encoders

Sigma7 SigmaWin Homing, Zeroing

  1. Move machine to where you want 0 to be
    1. Jog till hit limit switch then manually turn screw back 1/4 turn
    2. Set Torque to as low as you can and still get motion and jog into the hard stops and then manually turn ballscrew back 1/4 turn.
    3. Jog to middle of travel and scribe a line across the axis slide
  1. Click “Reset Absolute Encoder”

    • If grayed out try:
      1. clear hbb
      2. set encoder as absolute
      3. unplug and replug encoder
      4. cycle power to drive
      5. restart app
  1. Cycle power to drives


  1. Open monitor

  2. Read “Position actual internal value”

  3. Set the negative of that value to home offset

  4. Cycle power to drive