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Teco Motor Oscillations

Description of the problem:

My Teco motor is oscillating back and forth (humming / screeching).
Try changing the notch filter parameter inside the Teco drives to reduce harmonics. 
     1. Press the [Mode] button until you see CN001
     2. Use the up and down arrow keys to set it to CN013
     3. Hold down the [Enter] key until the drive enters the parameter
          Note: Start by setting it to 500. Adjust by 50 at a time. You can use any value from 0-1000. 
     4. After you update the parameter, hold down [Enter] again until it goes back to CN013. 
     5. Then cycle power to the drive and your setting will be updated
     6. Continue adjusting the parameter until the oscillations cease


Note - This is for reference only, not to be used unless specific instruction is given:  CN014 can be widened (lowered) to allow greater range of acceptance for positioning. This will directly affect CN013 setting and should not be used until CN013 adjustments are proven to not be enough tolerance for the application.