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Calibrating CTB Encoder


Motor setup:
Input the motor parameters into the drive according to the motor nameplate
Dn.00 = rated current of motor
Dn.01 = rated speed of motor
Dn.02 = rated voltage of motor
Dn.03 = rated power of motor
Dn.04 = motor power factor (normally set to 1.00)
Dn.05 = 200 rated frequency of motor
Dn.09 = 4 pole pairs of motor (Normally 4 for synchronous motor)
En.00 =2 select according to actual encoder(TAMAGAWA aboslute encoder 17 bits)
En.08 =17 select according to actual encoder
Study Setup:
E1-11= 0
②A1.01=3?? Cannot set this on 10/25/22. 
En. 04 = select according to actual encoder????
Cn.31 = Has a value (For 1.3kw drive it was 300)
Cn.32 = has a value (For 1.3kw drive it was 400)
Confirm C1-31 and C1-32 has a value
⑦ After about one minute, when the display is restored, the self-learning is completed and modify .


If there is a brake, make sure to override the brake so the motor can spin freely. Also, make sure the motor has nothing connected to it!


For a 1.3kw motor (S18-126-204T0A30-305JB1O), we used this procedure:

Ln.02 = 0 (do not allow enable)
Cn.29 = 1 (terminal mode)
Cn.30 = 0 (control method)
Ln.02 = 1 (enable the drive)
En.12 = 123 (load study program)
En.13 = 5 
Press the arrow keys like step 4 below. 
Cn.29 = 3 (ethercat mode)
For standard motors we used this procedure:

Encoder self-learning steps:
1. Modify Cn.29 = 1

2. Which axis encoder need to be learned, modify Cn.30 = 0????
Restart CTB Drive
3. The motor self-learning parameters are set correctly (En.12 = 123). 

4. Switch to the F0.00 interface (make sure it is the F0.00 interface of the corresponding axis), and press the up and right keys at the same time. At this time, the interface jumps to the study interface, and the motor has entered the encoder self-learning step.

5. After learning, the interface will automatically change to over0, indicating that learning is completed. Press enter to return to the normal interface.

To set up multiple motor connect the new motor and press reset on the CTB Drive. Then repeat steps three through five. 

6. When all axes have finished self-learning, change Cn.29 back to the original value (3 is default) (all axes).
Set A1.02 = 0. ??
Note: If the ethernet network is down, check that Cn.29 = 3 for all these motors.