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X15-62-00 2000 Series Back Mounting Arm


1. Introduction

This manual covers the setup and installation of the 2000 Series Mounting Arm Assembly.


(1 ea) ½”-13 x 4 ½”” Socket Head Cap Screw
(1 ea) ½”-13 Nylon Lock Nut
(3 ea) 7/16” Bronze Washer, 1.125” OD
(2 ea) 7/16” Steel Washer, 1.125” OD
(4 ea) ¼” by ½” Steel Roll Pins
(1 ea) Arm Adjuster Link
(1 ea) 3/8”-16 x 31/2" Bolt
(1 ea) 3/8”-16 Nylon Lock Nut
(1 ea) 5/16”-18 x 3/8” Bolt
(4 ea) 5/16" -18 x 1/2" Bolt
(1 ea) Cable Conduit (sizes vary)

Not Included: 

(2 ea) Adult Worker
9/16” Socket / Wrench
1/2” Socket / Wrench
3/4" Socket / Wrench
3/8” Allen Wrench
3/16" Allen Wrench


2. Installation

1. Lay all of the included material and the required tools on a clean and flat surface.

2. Gather the machine mount and the 4 pins. Using a hammer, install the pins in the 4 holes as shown in the image below. Make sure that the pins are flush to the inside of mount, as show in the image.



3. Gather the Socket Head Cap Bolt, Lock Nut, (2) Steel Washers, (3) Bronze washers, machine mount and arm. Place (2) Steel Washers on the bolt, place the bolt through machine mount bracket and the hole of the arm. Note the difference in the size of holes in the arm, use the larger holes. Place (2) Bronze washers on the top of the arm and (1) Bronze washer on the bottom of the arm. Place the nylon Lock nut on the end of the Socket head Cap bolt and tighten until snug.



4. Get the control and place it in the upright position on a stable surface.

5. Remove the black plugs from the back of the control.


6. Gather the Control Mount and the (4) 5/16" - 18 x 1/2". Install the arm adjuster to the control mount as shown below hand tight.


7. Install the Control Mount to the Back of the control starting in the upper right hand corner as shown below.


8. Attach the Machine Mount to the machine using 1/2" - 13 that you provide. If you purchased the optional Knee Mill Mount see Appendix A.



9. Use a level to adjust the Machine Mount.

10. Tighten the screws to the machine so that it is flush against the machine. 


11. Have a helper get the control and hold it from the front. Place it onto the arm and place the 5/16" bolt through the control mount and the arm.


12. Place a Level on the control and adjust the arm adjuster until the arm is level, then tighten the arm bolts.
13. Place a Level on the control and adjust the control mount until the control is level, then tighten down the bolts.
14. Save the conduit for the Knee Mill Installation Manual.
15. Continue to Step 3 in the  Knee Mill Installation Manual.

Appendix A -Knee Mill Mount


(1) Knee Mill Mount
(4) 1/2 - 13 x 5/8" Screw

Not Included: 

5/16" Allen
(1) Washer (If Needed)

1. Installation

(This mount is designed to install on the top of the mill ram at the factory designated machine lifting point)

1. Remove the lift bolt or other hardware if applicable from the top of the knee mill.

2. Place the bushing over the screw (if needed) and then the Knee Mill mount. Make sure it is flush against the machine and it is level.



3. Screw in the bolt back on top of the knee mill.

4. Get (4) 1/2 13" Screws and start in the upper right hand corner. Mount the machine mount to the Knee Mill mount as shown below.



5. Continue back to Step 10.

Appendix B -Top Mount

(Under Development)

Warranty Information

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