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X15-62-04 Bottom Arm Mounting Instructions

1) Use template to drill and tap four (4) ½”-13 mounting holes for clevis with the bottom of the clevis 2” from the bottom of the machine.

2) Mount clevis using the provided ½”-13 x 1.5” socket head cap screws to 80 ftlb using a ⅜” allen wrench and level the mount.

3) Install grease zerk on the back of the bushing of arm using a 9/16” wrench and install 90° conduit connector on the bottom of the arm and index so conduit will exit to the right of the arm.

4) Place arm in clevis and secure with ¾”-10 x 5.25” pivot bolt and locking nut using a ⅝” allen wrench and 1-1⁄8” wrench.

    • Grease bushing through grease zerk and adjust tension of pivot bolt to desired resistance of arm movement.

    5) Place the swivel on the top of the arm with the countersunk bolt holes on the bottom and secure with the provided ¼”-20 x 0.75” socket head cap screws using a 3/16” allen wrench and place the strain relief plate on top of the swivel.

    6) Locate the cable passthrough knockout on the keyboard tray mount and knock out.

      • Mount the keyboard tray mount with the supplied ¼”-20 x 0.625” socket head cap screws, sandwiching the strain relief plate in the middle, using a 3/16” allen wrench.

    7) Lay the control on it’s back on a clean protected surface and locate the four (4) knockouts on the bottom around the cable pass through hole in the center and gently knockout the holes.

    8) Place the control on the keyboard tray mount and locate the bolt heads into the knockouts on control. 

      • While steadying the control, insert and tighten the provided eight (8) 8-32 screws on the bottom thru the keyboard tray mount into the control using a phillips screwdriver.
      • Remove the upper and lower access panels from the back of the control.
      • Remove the Wifi antenna from the heatsink 
      • Thru the bottom access opening on the back of the control, unplug the bottom USB extension cable, wireless MPG pendant antenna USB connection, and unscrew the wing nut and remove the ground wire from the PC pan

    9) Unscrew the six (6) 8-32 screws on the back of the control that hold the heatsink using a 9/64” allen wrench.

      • While steadying the front panel and monitor assembly, unscrew the eight (8) 8-32 low profile screws using a 7/64” allen wrench that holds the front panel and monitor assembly in place.
      • Lay the front panel and monitor assembly on its heatsink on a clean protected surface.

    10) Route the power cable, ethernet cables and e-stop cables through conduit and through the 90° conduit connector on the bottom of the arm.


      • Use access openings on bottom and top of arm to route cables through arm.
      • Pull cables through the center of the top swivel and into the enclosure. 
      • Measure 22” of cable length and zip tie the cables to the strain relief plate.
      • Route cables up and zip tie through the holes on the left hand side of the backbone.
      • Lay the cables through the upper access cover on the back of the enclosure.

    11) Replace the front panel and monitor assembly and tighten screws.

    • Reinstall screws in heatsink.
    • Replace bottom USB extension cable,Wifi antenna and ground wire on PC pan through bottom access cover.

    • Replace Wifi antenna
    • Follow diagram inside the upper access opening and wire accordingly.


    • Replace upper and lower access covers on control and tighten.

    12) Place upper and lower access covers on arm and tighten with provided 8-32 screws.