Bronze Service Plan (OEM/Re-builder Support)


Bronze Service Plan

(OEM / Rebuilder Support)

MachMotion is committed to building and sustaining effective relationships with OEM’s and machine rebuilders. In an effort to offer affordable solutions that benefit both MachMotion and our partner companies, we will adhere to the following guidelines when offering support and products to OEM’s and rebuilders.


  1. OEM’s/Rebuilders will be given priority support when contacting MachMotion. Which includes a 1 hour call back time.
  2. It is the responsibility of the OEM/Rebuilder to provide front line support to their customers.
  3. When facilitated by the OEM/Rebuilder, MachMotion is available to login to the control to assess if the software and provided electrical components are working as designed.
  4. Once it is determined that all MachMotion software is working properly, it is the responsibility of the OEM to troubleshoot and resolve any setup, electrical and mechanical issues with the machine.

Other OEM/Rebuilder Support Situations

  1. If there is a possibility that electrical or software customization is required for a machine kit, it is the responsibility of the OEM/Rebuilder to notify MachMotion before the sale.
  2. It is the responsibility of the OEM/rebuilder to understand and support non-Machmotion machine components. Any assistance required from MachMotion to setup or calibrate these components will be subject to service rates.
  3. If the OEM/Rebuilder determines that utilizing MachMotion for on-demand support is the best solution to resolve an issue (setup, electrical or mechanical), this will be subject to service rates that will be billed to the OEM/Rebuilder.
  4. If an OEM/Rebuilder wants to defer all support matters to MachMotion, those support costs will be passed to the end user. Customers can subscribe yearly or pay hourly for support.
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