Stands and Arms

Documents about stands and arms installation

X15-60-0X Arm Assembly




Vertical or Horizontal Surface

Arm Assembly and Installation

1 Base Mount

1. Mount arm base* on a level and flat surface. (Figure 1)
(*For vertical surface mount, a minimum of 1” spacer is needed for mounting to a wall)



Figure 1 – Horizontal Base mount

2. Slide the vertical square tubing onto base. If height adjustment is needed, make a mark at the desired arm height and cut tubing with a metal chop-saw or band-saw. (Figure 2)


 Figure 2 – vertical Tubing


2 Elbow Plates

  1. Hold the two 90° plates on the vertical square tubing. Insert four bolts and hand tighten. (Figure 3)
  2. When finished, make sure the corner bolt is still above the vertical square tubing. (Figure 3)


Figure 3 - Elbow Plates

  1. Place the square leveling plate with the set-screws behind the bolt. (Figure 4)
  2. Lightly tighten the bolts, except for the corner bolt. (Figure 4)
  3. Insert the three remaining bolts in the elbow plates and hand tighten.
  4. Cut the horizontal tubing to desired length (Just like the vertical tubing in figure 2). Do not install it yet.


    Figure 4 - leveling Plate


3 Control Mount

1. Place the round metal disc down, with the two tabs closer to the rear of the panel. (Figure 5)

Figure 5 - Disc Mount

 2. Stack the plastic disc on top of the metal disc with the grooves facing upward. Set the o-ring in groove of the plastic disc. (Figure 6)

Figure 6 - plastic disc and o-ring

3. Set one of the plastic half moon rings down with a metal one on top and lightly screw down. (Figure 7)


Figure 7 - half moon ring

4. Slide the horizontal square tubing flange under the plastic and metal half moon rings. (Figure 8)

Figure 8 - mounting control to arm

5. Install the other 2 half moon rings, and tighten the screws until they are snug.

6. Slide the whole panel and arm (horizontal tubing) into the top of the elbow plates. (Figure 9)

Figure 9 - mounting control to Base

7. Level the arm by using the leveling plate. Just tighten the two set-screws evenly until the arm is level (Figure 10)


Figure 10 – Leveling plate

4 Wire Routing

  1. Route all your wires and cables through the arm (Figure 11)


    Figure 11 – Leveling plate

  2. Get the cable cover and loosen the end clip screw.
  3. Slide the cable cover in between the elbow plates, starting at the top front bolt and working your way down the back, tightening the bolts as you go. (Figure 12)


    Figure 12 – Cable cover

  4. Extend the end clip on the cable cover so it clears the elbow plates. While holding the cable cover into place, slide the end clip into the elbow plates to lock the cable cover in place, and tighten the set screw.
  5. Mount the small cable cover by installing the 2 small screw in the back and the 3” screw on the round end of the cover. (Figure 13)


Figure 13 – Small cable cover

5 Appendix

Warranty Information

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X15-61-01 Arm



1 Introduction

1.1 Overview


  • Arm
  • Brackets
  • Hardware

1.2 Tools Required

  • 1/2 Socket
  • 9/16 Socket
  • 5/16 Allen wrench
  • 3/32 Allen wrench

Figure 1 Arm Hardware

2 Arm Assembly

2.1 Arm Mounting Bracket

To use the supplied 1/2 - 1” mounting bolts (as pictured below), drill and tap two holes using the bracket as a template. Attach using 5/16” Allen wrench.


Figure 2 Arm Mounting Bracket

The user may also supply their own ½” bolts for a custom mounting application.

2.2 Attach Arm

Attach the arm to the mounting bracket using the supplied 3 ½” hex cap bolt and locking nut with 9/16” socket.


Figure 3 Attaching the arm

3 Control Assembly

3.1 Control Mounting Bracket

Mount the adjustment slider with the supplied 1/2 -3/8” bolt and lock washer as pictured below. Further angle adjustment can be made once the control is mounted.


Figure 4 Adjustment Slider Installation

Attach the control mounting bracket to the control using the supplied ¾” hex cap bolts and washers as below with ½” socket/wrench with the adjustment slider to the bottom:


Figure 5 Control Mounting bracket

Use the bolt on the left to adjust the angle of the control once mounted.

3.2 Mount the Control

Again, using the supplied 3 ½” bolt and lock nut, mount and attach the control to the arm.


Figure 6 Mounting the control

3.3 Control Connections

Remove the four indicated screws with a 3/32 Allen wrench to access and install the control power and communcation cables.


Figure 7 –control cover (Conduit shown already installed)

Remove the conduit connector from the control and feed the control connections through.


Figure 8 Control Connections

Note: Control connections are defined in the control-specific installation manual.

Place the control cover back on and secure with the four provided screws.

On the enclosure end, make the following connections according to the figure and table below.


Figure 9 Conduit connections

Table 1 Wiring reference:




Green Ethernet Cable

Connection to Motion Controller


Blue Ethernet Cable



Black Three-Prong Plug

Control Power


Green Connector

E-Stop on Motion Controller


Note: The power plug can be cut off and wired directly into enclosure power bus blocks.


4 Appendix

Warranty Information

MachMotion warranty policy is subject to change. Updated information is available at our website:


The MachMotion Team
14518 County Road 7240, Newburg, MO 65550
(573) 368-7399 • Fax (573) 341-2672

X15-62-00 2000 Series Mounting Arm




1. Introduction

This manual covers the setup and installation of the 2000 Series Mounting Arm Assembly.


(1 ea) ½”-13 x 4 ½”” Socket Head Cap Screw
(1 ea) ½”-13 Nylon Lock Nut
(3 ea) 7/16” Bronze Washer, 1.125” OD
(2 ea) 7/16” Steel Washer, 1.125” OD
(4 ea) ¼” by ½” Steel Roll Pins
(1 ea) Arm Adjuster Link
(1 ea) 3/8”-16 x 31/2" Bolt
(1 ea) 3/8”-16 Nylon Lock Nut
(1 ea) 5/16”-18 x 3/8” Bolt
(4 ea) 5/16" -18 x 1/2" Bolt
(1 ea) Cable Conduit (sizes vary)

Not Included: 

(2 ea) Adult Worker
9/16” Socket / Wrench
1/2” Socket / Wrench
3/4" Socket / Wrench
3/8” Allen Wrench
3/16" Allen Wrench