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ZeroBrane Studio Debugging

Getting Started

Open ZeroBrane Studio from the top Menu under Operator and then select Open Script Editor to launch the program.  If it's the first time running the software than you can skip the step selecting Project and Reselect Lua Environment.


ZeroBrane Studio is setup to allow the user to select between debugging the screen modules or the MCode modules.  This selection is done once and then saved until the user selects Project from the top mendu and Reselect Lua Environment. On the next debug session the user will be asked which environment to run in.

Debugging a script

Let's say we want to debug the Home All button on the screen.  We will open ZeroBrane Studio and then select the script to debug or start a new file and paste in the follow lua script "m.HomeAll()".  Now we can press the green Play button on the menu and we should see that ZeroBrane will load in all the modules needed.  After the cursor gets to the line "m.HomeAll()" you can choose to Step Into from the button on top and you can begin to debug line by line through the file.


Common Hotkeys

F5 = Start or Continue Debugging
Shift F5 = Stop Debugging
F11 - Step Into
F12 - Step Over
Shift F11 - Step Out of current function