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Update Mach4 without internet to control

To update Mach4 software without internet to the control you can do so by completing the following procedures. Please note that it is highly recommended that you have internet to the control instead and let one of our support techs help with this. There can be issues along the way and the steps below may not follow exactly your experience in the update. You may need to send us the computer if there are problems and you are not able to get internet to the control.

Items you will need:

  • USB Flash Drive
  • Computer with internet connectivity


Before you begin, ensure the Mach4 software/program is closed.

1. Download and Run the Mach4 Installer
2. On the drop down select the most recent Build Number
3. Save it to a USB Flash Drive
4. Move the file from the USB Drive to the MachMotion Programs and Drivers folder
5. Go to the C: Drive and find the Mach4 folder.

a. Right click and click copy
b. Go to the MachMotion Programs and Drivers folder and Paste it into this folder

6. While in the MachMotion Programs and Drivers folder double click on the MachMotion
Installer for the Build Number that you downloaded

a. Follow through the steps make sure to select the correct profile type and "Hicon"

7. On the desktop, open the "MachMotion Programs and Drivers" icon/folder.

8. Run the VSI Device Manager program

9. Click on the "Scan Network" button

10. Click on the IP address that shows up in the list (for example:

11. Click the "Switch To Loader" Button

12. Click the "OK" button once the warning has been acknowledged.

13. Click the "OK" button on the operation complete message box.

14. Click  "Load File" button

15. Navigate to the c:\Mach4\MotionControllers\ and click the highest version of the "HiCON Firmware"

16. Click on "Open" button

17. Click on "Program Flash"

18. Click on "OK" to acknowledge the warning

19. Click on "OK" for the programming complete message box.

20. Click on "OK" to reboot device

21. Click on "OK" on the operation complete message box.

22. Once finished open up the Mach4 software

23. Click on Help=>About and see if it is licensed

a. If not please Call Technical Support

24. Go to Config=>Plugins=>MachMotion

a. Click on Load Registers
- Locate C:/Mach4/Profiles/Mill and select the Registers file
b. Click on Load Parameters
- Locate C:/Mach4/Profiles/Mill and select the Parameters file

25. Go to Config=>Mach

a. Make sure the Advanced GUI Controls is unchecked

26. Please close Mach4 and then open it back up and test

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