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Starting Mach4 With Command Line Parameters

Modifying the Mach4 shortcut

Right click on the Icon used to open Mach4 and select Properties.


Change the target line and add the appropriate properties.

List of optional parameters

Parameter Type Description
/d debug Turn on debugging code
/p profile=<str> Instance 0 Profile Name
/p1 profile1=<str> Instance 1 Profile Name
/p2 profile2=<str> Instance 2 Profile Name
/p3 profile3=<str> Instance 3 Profile Name
/p4 profile4=<str> Instance 4 Profile Name
/p5 profile5=<str> Instance 5 Profile Name
/e edit-mode Launch in screen edit mode
/ip install-plugin=<str> Plugin Package Path
/ip remove-plugin=<str> Plugin Package Name (No extension)
/i instance=<str> Target Instance (only valid with -o)
/o open-file=<str> GCode File Path
/f full-screen Start GUI in full screen mode
/m remove-menubar Start GUI with menubar removed

Multiple parameters can be added on the same line with a space in between each parameter.