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Software not Loading

Software not loading / settings corrupted

If Mach 4 is not loading correctly/displaying errors on start up or your DRO's are displaying strange read outs it is likely that the .ini file which stores Mach's settings has been corrupted. This is an easy fix however, we can simply revert to an older, uncorrupted backup file.

To revert to a previous .ini file follow these steps:

  1. First, close the Mach 4 software. Every time the Mach software is exited it creates a backup ".INI" file with a copy of all the machine data.  
  2. Navigate to the profiles folder on the C: drive. C:\Mach4\Profiles You can do this by clicking one the windows start button,

    then typing C: and pressing the "Enter" key. Then open Mach 4 and then Profiles.
  3. Open the folder that matches your machine type, usually there will be just one folder to choose from.(Mill, Router, Lathe, Plasma, etc.)
  4. There you will find the Backups folder:
  5. Sort the displayed files by Date Modified.
  6. DateModjpeg.jpg
  7. Select the file from the last time you know the machine was working. If possible, give yourself plenty of space. Select a back up well before you started experiencing problems.previous-ini.jpg
  8.  Right click on the Machine.ini.# file that you want and choose Copy.

    Return to Profile folder, C:\Mach4\Profiles\(Your machine type) and paste the file.  

  9. Delete the Machine.ini file currently in the folder.  Do this by right clicking and selecting the delete option. Windows may ask if you are sure you want to delete the file, click yes.Delete-inijpeg.jpg
  10. You now need to rename the copy we just copied over from back ups. Currently it is named something like Machine.ini.01 (This number on the end will be different for every back up, don't be alarmed if yours does not match.) Rename the file by right clicking on it and selecting Rename. Set the name to Machine.ini  An alert checking if you want to change the file extension will appear, click yes.
  11. Close all the folders and open Mach 4. Double check that all safety features on your machine are active and working correctly. 

Here is a video of these steps in action:

Caution! If this solution does not work the first time, please call Mach Motion and wait for a Technician to complete the fix for you.  Failure to perform the restore correctly more than once can result in loss of machine data.

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