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SigmaNEST Oxy or Plasma Process Selection

SigmaNEST is set to use tool 1 (plasma) as default process. You can change to OXY per part or set as default in the post.

1. Change process for the part:

Double click on the part:

Double click on the design image:

Click the "Quality" dropdown menu option, then select "Change Process":

Click-hold, and drag to expand the box over the area to be changed (note in image below the entire shape has not yet been selected):

Once part selected (above), right-click in the part and a window will come up to change the process. Use the dropdown to make your selection:

Once the selection has been made (above), click the ok button, then over in the right side of the window, click the green check mark. You can then click the close menu option:

 Changes are now applied and will be posted once you re-nest and generate gcode.

2.0 Change Default Process in Post

This change is made in the post file. For example:

Look for "processes available" section (around line 200). there is a default tools number. change the number to match the default tool wanted from the list below that line.





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