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SheetCAM Post Processor

Description of the problem:

What are the correct post files for use with SheetCAM?
Machine Type Post File Name
Router Mach3.scpost
Mach3 Plasma/Oxy Fuel

MachMotion Plasma THC Version4.scpost

Mach3 Water Jet MachMotion WaterJet.scpost
Mach4 Water Jet - 3 axis MachMotion Mach4 WaterJet
Mach4 Water Jet - 2 Axis MachMotion Mach4 WaterJet - 2 Axis
Mach4 Plasma MachMotion Mach4 Plasma.scpost
Router post is included in SheetCAM installation.
To update the SheetCAM Post Processor:
1. Save the post to your computer
2. In SheetCAM, select the options menu item, then machine options
3. Select the post processor tab
4. Click on import post button
5. navigate to the post you save in step 1 and click open
6. click ok button in the machine options dialog box
Attached is the post for sheetcam waterjet not on a control. 
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