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Setup Gears in Mach4

Setup gears

If you do not know the gear ratio on the spindle, setup the spindle as follows:

  1. Set a very high max RPM for the range (such as 50,000)
  2. Turn on spindle at the max spindle speed defined above
  3. Read RPM using spindle encoder or tachometer
    • Need a tachometer?....
  4. Set range Max to the RPM reading above
  5. Repeat for each range/gear


The Max Spindle Motor RPM from Mach4 is not used in this instance.

Also, note that for Gear 1, the 0-10V from the Apollo III will be scaled by 0-814 RPM. So with pulley 1 active, 814 RPM will output 10V on the Apollo III.

Changing Gears

- Gear change in code: M40 - M45 change ranges from 0 to 5. M40 P# can also be used where # is the gear range to use

Automatic Gear Shifter (Siemens PLC)

Spindle gear range 19 is used for the automatic gear shifter. 

Default MachMotion Parameters


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