Reset INI in Mach4

If you suspect machine settings have been corrupted (possibly from power outage or incorrect shut-down) reset the machine INI to restore the machine to it's last working state.

*Make sure Mach is closed before you begin.*

1) Navigate to the C: drive and double click on the "Mach4" folder. Then, double click the "Profiles" folder and the type of machine you have (Mill, Router, Etc.).

2) Once you're in the profile of your machine type, right click to highlight the "Machine.ini" file and scroll down to "Delete." Click "Yes" when it asks if you're sure you want to delete it.

3) After it's deleted, double click on the "Backups" folder.

4) Now, you'll want to select a file that will take the machine back to the last time it was working the way you want it to. So, click the "Date modified" tab to sort the the backups from newest to oldest. Select the INI file associated with the date you want. Then, right click, scroll down and click "Copy."

5) Hit the back button to go back to the previous folder. Right click where the last "Machine.ini" file was, scroll down and click "Paste."

6)Finally, you'll need to delete the number from the file name. Right click on the newly placed "Machine.ini.##" file. Right click, scroll down and click "Rename."

7) In the box that appears, click at the end of the text and hit the "Backspace" key to delete the digits and the last period. Press "Enter." When asked if you're sure you want to change it, click "Yes."

Note: The file MUST read "Machine.ini" exactly to work properly.

8) Re-open Mach to see if machine functionality is restored.