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Post Processors for CAM Software


Our MachMotion software runs gcode and can be in various file types such as .txt, .nc, and .tap.

Our software does not convert the drawings such as DXFs into gcode. A CAM software package is needed for that. For many of our systems, Pronest, SheetCAM, or Alexsys is used.

If you are using your own CAM provider, you will need a post-processor from your CAM software vendor to output into g-code format for Mach. MachMotion does not provide the post processor but this page should help assist you in obtaining the needed post. 


Common CAD CAM Packages
CAM Package  Description Cost
Fusion 360 Basic Low
BobCAD Basic Low
MasterCAM Advanced 3D Options Medium

3D Options

Amazing Nesting


Advanced 2D Options

Low - High

Advanced 3D Options


Integrating to a Post

Many companies already have the needed post so you can contact them directly and see. Some posts are available already at Mach software vendor's site:

The following documents can help your CAM vendor determine the fanuc style g-code needed:

Attached to this page are example g-code files that can help them as well. The THC test file is for Plasma.

Some common items are:

Mist can be turned on with M7 and Flood/Coolant with M8. M9 turns these off.

Spindle on FWD is M3, REV is M4. M5 turns it off. S command sets the speed: M3 S500.

M6 is for tool change with a T for the tool number to use: M6T3 for example.

Machine Type Requirements

Mach4 Waterjet, Mach3 Waterjet and Mach4 Plasma require the following:

  • Absolute IJ Arcs (For example, "G90.1 G03 X1.0192 Y2.0162 I1.0192 J1.4866")
  • Absolute positioning (G90)