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Mach4 Plasma Target or Sampled

Getting torch height control (THC) to work properly in Mach4 Plasma screen:

When running target voltage, the initial setting has to be close to what it will actually read or it won't be able to compensate and will stop firing. You can see on the screen your voltage setpoint and above that the actual volts it is reading when there is an arc. If the setpoint and actual numbers are far apart, adjust your setpoint to more closely match what the actual reading was and try again. If the torch goes down into the plate then the voltage setting is too low. If torch raises higher and higher than voltage setpoint is too high. You can adjust the volts setting while it is running to raise and lower the torch.

In sample voltage, it will go to cut height and sample the voltage reading, then try to maintain that voltage. This is the better option if possible to run that way because you don't have to worry about the voltage setpoint.

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