Jogging Increments & Pendant Info for Mach4

Adjusting Pendant Acceleration

You can adjust the pendant acceleration by going to the Settings Tab and selecting Machine Calibration (2000 series select service tab, then Interface config button under settings section).

Scroll down until you see MPG Jog Increment Acceleration (or use search box: MPG).

You can enter in values between 1-100. You should test the jogging with the pendant to make sure that it is jogging smoothly on all increments.  



Adjusting Jog Increments

NOTE: The Jog Increments section (shown below) can be accessed from the configure menu option, then control. The on-screen Jogging Increments cycles through the entire Jog Increments section positions, while the Pendant X1, X10, and X100 knob settings increments through positions 3, 4, and 5 if units mode is inches (outlined in blue below), and positions 8, 9, and 10 (outlined in green below) if units mode is metric. The image below has the position numbers entered in as the values for better explanation. Your values would more likely be 1, .100, .01, .001 or 25.4, 2.54, .254 for example.


  • If a position has a 0 then it will not be cycled through the jog increments for on-screen jogging
  • X1, X10, and X100 on pendant is position 5, 4, and 3 in the jog increments setting for inches or 10, 9, and 8 for metric, respectively (X1 is position 5 and 10, X10 is position 4 and 9, and X100 is position 3 and 8). For example, using the photo above:
    • An X1 pendant setting with units setup for inches, would be a commanded move of 5 inches and if setup for metric units would be 10mm.
    • An X100 pendant setting with units setup for inches, would be a commanded move of 3 inches and if setup for metric units would be 8mm.


Rotary Increments


Change the rotary parameter to a 1, then it will use the rotary increments shown highlighted above. 


Reverse MPG Pendant Direction

  • Wired Pendant:
    • In the UserInterface tab of the MachMotion Plugin, select the wired pendant in the list of active controllers, then set the Invert encoder checkbox (check the box if unchecked, uncheck if checked)
  • Wireless Pendant:
    • To enable the reverse, you need to add a key to the machine.ini file.
      • Under the section for the MPG (eg. [ExternalController#]), add the field:
        • Note: The ExternalController # will depend on the setup location in the plugin list for the user interfaces.


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