File Resume or Run From Here

Running a G-Code File with the "File Resume" or "Run From Here" Option

If for whatever reason a program needs to be started in the middle, use the Run From Here feature by following these steps:

  1. Use the Up/Down arrows in the G-Code file window to select the line to start from.
  2. Press the [File Resume] or [Run From Here] button to bring up the window (Figure 1).
  3. Select the [Change to Needed Tool] button if applicable.
  4. Enter desired value in the Feed Rate field.
  5. Select axis to move and press [Move Selected] button to move the axis into starting position on that line of Gcode.
  6. Select desired Auxiliary Settings and press [Turn On Selected Auxiliaries] button to start spindle/coolant.
  7. Press [Cycle Start] to begin the file at selected starting line.

Figure 1 – Run from here