Drive Fault Setup-Mach3

Description of the problem:

When a drive faults the control doesn't stop.



Our systems have an axis fault error that can be configured to E-Stop the system if an drive error occurs. The signal comes into Mach3 from input X0 (on the Apollo I/III).
To set it up:
  1. Go to Config->Ports and Pins->Input Signals
  2. Enable OEM Trigger 1 and set it to Port 1 Pin 10 for the Apollo I or Port 11 Pin 0 for the Apollo III
  3. Go to Plugin Control->MachMotion Config
  4. Under I/O Configuration there is a line labeled Drive Fault set it to OEMTRIGGER1
  5. Save settings and it will be set up to fault if a drive error occurs.



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