Aligning Slave Axis Gantry - Mach4

To align the gantry, an offset move can be configured for the slave axis once homing has been completed.

For the master axis, the Independent Master-Slave Home check box in the HiCON plugin needs to be selected:

For the slave axis, the distance to move once homed to create the offset/alignment is set in the slave misalignment box:

 *NOTE: for use with independent master-slave homing, the slave axis would typically have a home switch/sensor. However, it is not required. You can set the slave axis home switch to be the same input as the master axis.

*NOTE: There is an issue in some versions where the slave misalignment amount gets rounded once the Mach software has been closed. Be sure to test carefully and after making your adjustment, exit the mach software and restart and check the value to see if it has changed/rounded. If it does, there is an update for this. Please contact MachMotion for assistance.

*NOTE: The speed that the slave misalignment corrects itself is based off the "rapid" move (the max velocity and acceleration of the axis). The "Back Off Speed" value is the speed that the machine backs off the home switch during the homing operation and is in units, such as 10 IPM.