Alexsys Operator Manual and Videos


1. Overview

 ALEXSYS is a programming system for CNC machining centers. That combines features of CAD / CAM systems with typical features of conversational programming.

It is not necessary to be experienced with CAD/CAM systems to use this software.

Some helpful video tutorials are available on our youtube channel:

2. Cad Editor

 ALEXSYS has a minimal cad editor.

You can create basic drawings or refine imported geometry.

The features available are:

  • DXF / DWG Importing
  • Drawing Tools
  • Smart Dimension
  • Move / Translate / Rotate / Scale
  • Trim / Offset / Chamfer / Fillet

2.1 Drawing Tools

The available drawing tools are:

  • Line
  • Arc
  • Circle
  • Point
  • Rectangle
  • Regular Polygon
  • Slot
  • Arc Slot
  • Text
  • Coordinate List


2.2 Regular Polygon



 2.3 Arc Slot



2.4 Snap System

 To simplify the drawing there is a snap system, that allows tracing with other points already present in the drawing.

See the image on the below to better understand the concept


 While drawing, holding down the [CTRL] key activate the angular snap, instead holding down the [SHIFT] key activate the grid snap.


2.5 Snap Tangent feature

Hover with mouse cursor on arc / circle entity.

When the nearest snap icon shows up, click on that arc/circle entity.

Now go with the mouse cursor on other arc/circle entity and click when the same snap type is visible.


This works both with segment and arc, see the images below:





3. Import DXF/DWG

 With ALEXSYS you can import 2D geometries from DXF / DWG files. Click on [Import Cad] in ribbon menu.


Select in which plane you want import the geometries.

Select the entities to import, select nothing if you want import everything.


Click on [Import Selected] and done!


4. Smart Dimension

To draw, the first sketch the profile shape. Then use the command Smart Dimension and available constraints to define the profile accurately.


It is called smart dimension because with just one command you can define many things. It switches its purpose depending on which element you have selected.

4.1 One Segment

 With just one segment selected, and depending on mouse position, you can define the:

  •  Horizontal line length
    • horizontal-line.JPG
  • Vertical line length
    • vertical-line.JPG
  • Effective Line Length
    • effective-line.JPG

 4.2 Two segment

 If there are 2 segments selected, and they are parallel each other, you can define the distance between them.

 To set parallel constrain from 2 segment, select both (keep [CTRL] pressed and select them with mouse) and press [Parallel] from constraint list.


Then with [Dimension] activated, select both elements and define the distance between them.


If there are 2 segments selected, but they are not parallel, you can define the angle between them.


4.3 Arc Circle

 If your selection consists in a circle or arc, you can define the radius.


4.4 Edit Existing Dimension

To edit, just double click on dimension and insert desired value. After that the geometry will update accordingly.

4.4 Reference Dim

If you want a reference dimension, not a constraint dimension, check the [Reference Dim] check box in the input dim value dialog.


5. Move:

  • Translate
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Scale