SheetCAM Post Processor

Description of the problem:

What are the correct post files for use with SheetCAM?
Machine Type Post File Name
Router Mach3.scpost
Mach3 Plasma/Oxy Fuel

MachMotion Plasma THC Version4.scpost

Mach3 Water Jet MachMotion WaterJet.scpost
Mach4 Water Jet - 3 axis MachMotion Mach4 WaterJet
Mach4 Water Jet - 2 Axis MachMotion Mach4 WaterJet - 2 Axis
Mach4 Plasma MachMotion Mach4 Plasma.scpost
Router post is included in SheetCAM installation.
To update the SheetCAM Post Processor:
1. Save the post to your computer
2. In SheetCAM, select the options menu item, then machine options
3. Select the post processor tab
4. Click on import post button
5. navigate to the post you save in step 1 and click open
6. click ok button in the machine options dialog box
Attached is the post for sheetcam waterjet not on a control. 
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Wiggle Lead In (SheetCAM)

Here are a few screen shots of menus from sheetcam and an explanation of how to set up a wiggle/oscillation:

The number of wiggles is calculated from the pierce time, feed rate and wiggle length. 


You also need some type of lead in defined in the operation.


Attached is an example file with wiggle lead in (attachment on right side)

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SheetCAM Path Rules

SheetCAM path rules can be setup for things like turning off THC control on small parts and slowing down on corners.

Creating Code Snippets:

Note: The info below is for enabling/disabling the torch height control. You can create custom code in macros to use for other purposes but that is beyond the scope of this document.

  1. Attached is M244.m1s file and should be saved to the c:\mach3\macros\plasma\ directory (the path may be a little different depending on your setup and profile name). If M244 already exists in your directly, change the attached file name to an available number and use that new number for the rest of the setup where we have 244. The code in this file simply toggles the state of the THC button on the plasma screen, effectively turning THC control on and off.
  2. Under tools menu option, click the G code option.
  3. Set the Code Name and enter the filename of the code to run in the box below, without the extension:
    • sheetcam-snippet-toggle.jpg
  4. Click OK button


Creating Path Rules:

Rules to prevent diving (Turn THC Off) and Rounded Corners:

Under the options menu is job options. In there select the path rules tab and you can edit those rules parameters for your liking.  The idea is they turn the torch height control off at certain points to prevent it from diving, or slow down the feedrate for corners to prevent rounding.



Using Path Rules

In order for the path rule to be used, it must be selected in the operation in sheetcam. Double click on the existing operation or when setting a new operation, select the Path rule to be used in the dropdown menu:






SheetCAM Freezing on Startup

If SheetCAM gets stuck on the loading screen it can be caused by a permissions conflict if the customer has mapped to a network drive or external PC.


Start Sheet CAM and wait, it could take up to 5 minutes to load. Once the application loads, navigate to application settings and look for any file locations that might be mapped to an external location.

SheetCAM Application Settings


Locate this location on the network, it most likely will display this when you attempt to access it: 

Have the operator log into this and it should fix the issue.