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Soft Limits Setup

With machine homed correctly and soft limits set, the machine will not hit a physical limit switch. If at any time a command is made for the machine to move outside of the soft limits (while they are enabled), an error will appear in the status line and motion will stop. To set up the soft limits, follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. Home the machine.
  2. Select [Viewing Part] so that the DRO’s are orange. The button label will change to [Viewing Machine].
    Figure: Machine Coordinates
  3. Jog the machine to the maximum distance from the homing switches.
    • Note: Make sure to stay inside the physical limit switches. If the machine is jogged outside of the limit switches, it completely defeats the purpose of soft limits.
  4. Record the machine coordinates at the end of the travel.
  5. Open the menu bar and click Configure->Control and select the Homing/SoftLimits tab as shown below.
  6. Enable soft limits on each desired axis and enter in the recorded values.
    • Note: If the value is positive, place it into the Soft Max limit and set the Soft Min limit to zero. Otherwise, with a negative value, set the Soft Max to zero and the Soft Min to the recorded value.
  7. Press [OK] to save changes. Test the soft limits by jogging the axes to maximum amounts in all directions.

Note: When loading a G-code file, the tool path display will show the soft limits as dashed lines. If any part of the tool path renders outside the soft limits, check your file.