X15-41-01 Wireless MPG Pendant

Connecting the Pendant

Each pendant consists of a handheld pendant and a USB receiver. These items are paired based on their ID number, which can be found on a sticker on both devices. The USB receiver must be plugged into the control in order for the pendant to work. If the pendant cannot find the receiver when it is powered on, then a "Lost Rf" message will be printed on the pendant screen. This can be caused by the receiver not being plugged in to the control, the control being turned off, or by the distance between the pendant and receiver being too great.

Configuring the Pendant

*Note: May have to update the Mach4 Software and MachMotion Plugin. 

To use the pendant with the control, go to Configure -> Plugins -> MachMotion -> User Interface through the menu system. On 1000 series controls, this menu is available on the Settings tab by clicking the 'Configure' button. On 2000 controls, it is available on the Service/Maintenance tab by clicking on the 'Interface Config' button.

In the Operator Panels section, select X15-41-01 Wireless MPG Pendant from the top list and press 'Add'. The pendant will load with its default configuration.

The pendant has an axis selector for the MPG. The axes to jog while '4', '5',  or '6' are selected is configurable here.

The checkbox for 'Require Confirmation' will force the user to press some buttons twice in order to perform their functionality, such as 'Zero Axis'. Unchecking this box will allow the user to perform these actions with only one press.

The pendant has four configurable function buttons. The options for these buttons are shown in the pressed and released options. First select which button should be configured, then select which command it should do. To create custom commands, see documentation for User Commands.

Press 'Save' to save changes and leave the configuration window.

Pendant Functionality

The pendant must be turned on for any functionality to work. The pendant can be turned off at any time. The pendant is turned on and off by the large silver button on the front of the pendant.

The 'Zero Axis' button will zero the axis currently selected by the axis selector knob.

The 'Feed +/-' and 'Rapid +/-' increment and decrement the overrides by 10%, unless the overrides are within 0-10%, in which case they increment and decrement by 2%.

Screen Display

There are four lines displayed on the pendant screen. The top line shows the enabled state of the control. If there is an alarm on the control, it will display that instead of the enabled state. The second line is the state of the control, such as 'Idle' or 'File Run'. The third line is the name and position of the axis currently selected by the axis selector. If no axis is selected, then this line will be blank. The fourth line will briefly show the name of the last button pressed.

If the pendant is waiting for a confirmation press, then the message about waiting for confirmation and which function is being confirmed will be displayed on lines three and four.

If the pendant cannot communicate with its USB receiver, then the screen will be cleared and a message "Lost Rf" will be displayed.


If you get the message "Lost RF", try the following items:


1. Check the USB transmitter connections.

Take the bottom panel off on the back side of the control computer.  Check for the USB receiver as indicated in the photo below.  Check to make sure the antenna wire is securely connected to the USB receiver as well. 

Note: If you have an older pendant the transmitter may look like this:



2. Replace the batteries. Pull up the rubber cover, remove the phillips screw, and insert two new AA batteries.  

Wireless CNC Control Pendant

Note: Do this even if the battery life still shows two bars. It isn't always accurate. 

3. Run the attached diagnostic tool "X15_connect_test.exe" in command prompt to see if the pendant can be found. 

4. Replace the pendant.