Operator Panels and Pendants

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X15-41-01 Wireless MPG Pendant


Each kit consists of these parts pictured below.  Locate these parts before disposing of any packing.

1. Wireless receiver Antenna.

2. Antenna extension cable.  (Already installed on MachMotion 2000 series controls)

3. Wireless pendent USB receiver.

4. Hand wheel knob.  (Shipped inside the battery door of the pendent)

5. 2x of AA power cells.

6. Mounting bracket and screws. (not required)

7. Wireless pendent.



Mount the Wireless receiver Antenna (1.) to the exposed connector next to the lower back access cover on the MachMotion 2000 Series control.  (Tighten by hand and do not over tighten) 

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the lower back access cover from the control and attach the Antenna extension cable (2.) to the Wireless pendent USB receiver (3.).  (Tighten by hand and do not over tighten)