Pokeys Lost Connection

Restoring factory defaults - quick resetting the device configuration
(or recovering bad firmware update)

If configuration editor cannot be used to reconfigure the device because of endless key presses from the device, simple reset procedure should be executed.

1. Disconnect PoKeys device from USB (unplug the power for the PoKeys56E/57E device)
2. Find pin labeled ‘RST’ on the PoKeys device (otherwise use pin numbered 54)
3. Short this pin to ground (GND) and reconnect the PoKeys device to USB (or reconnect power)
4. Green light should start flashing rapidly and PoKeys device will connect in recovery mode
5. Open PoKeys configuration application
6. PoKeys configuration application should detect PoKeys device in recovery mode.
               a. To reset the device configuration, use the option ‘Clear settings’. By clicking this button and confirming your decision on the next dialog, settings will be erased.
               b. To recover from bad firmware update, click ‘Recover’.
7. After completing the operation, unplug PoKeys device and disconnect ‘RST’ pin from ground
8. If resetting the configuration, ensure the device is properly cleared – replug PoKeys device, connect to it and execute Device > Clear settings in device. PoKeys configuration software is backing up current configuration state (except keyboard macro sequences) on each connection start.

These configuration files can be found in the local application folder (system folder – usually c:\Documents and settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\PoKeys\ on Windows 2000, XP or C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\PoKeys\), named backup1.pkc, backup2.pkc and backup3.pkc with backup3.pkc being the oldest configuration.

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