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Ethernet Operator Panel Installation and Setup


Installation Guide

Depending on the reasoning for the change and your existing equipment this documentation may not match exactly for your application/setup. This is a general guide that should assist in making the changes and MachMotion support is available to assist further if needed.

Below is an overview of your Ethernet operator panel upgrade kit.

Figure 1 - Ethernet PoKeys kit components

Follow the steps below to install the Ethernet device.
Step 1: Remove the existing operator panel by taking out the six screws.

Figure 2 - Removing the operator panel

Step 2: Remove the USB device on the back of the operator panel by carefully wobbling it back and forth. It is very important to remove it evenly so none of the pins get bent.  This can be difficult, a little prying from different places a bit at a time can help.

Figure 3 - Installing the PoKeys board

Step 3: Replace the USB device with the Ethernet device.

Figure 4 - The back of the operator panel with Ethernet PoKeys installed

Step 4: Connect the small connector side of the red/black wire pair to the operator panel as shown

Figure 5 - 5V power input for PoKeys board

Step 6: Place the switch in the hole where the operator panel mounts. Then run the spare Cat5
(Ethernet) cable, the red/black wire pair, and black Ethernet switch wire through the back of the control.
If you have an internet cable that you want to connect, make sure to connect it to the switch at this

Figure 6 - Ethernet switch installed behind the operator panel

Step 7: Connect the Cat5 cable to the Ethernet port on the control, the red/black wire pair to the 5V
connector, and the black Ethernet switch wire to the 12V as shown below.

Figure 7 - Computer power output ports

Step 8: Mount the operator panel back on the control.



Step 1: If Mach3 is open, close it. Run the MachMotion PoKeys installer.
Step 2: Start Mach3 and enable the Pokeys plugin:
      1. “Config”->”Config Plugins”
      2. Uncheck the old PoKeys0 plugin and enable the new PoKeys-PoLabs-v0.01 one.
When the correct plugin is completed restart Mach3.

Figure 8 - Mach3 PlugIn Control Window

Step 3: Open the pokeys plugin in Mach3:
           1. "Config"->"Config Plugins"
           2. Press the yellow "CONFIG" button
Step 4: In the new window that opens select “Add new”
Step 5: Choose PoKeys board from the drop down list, hit “OK” and then restart Mach3.
Step 6: Open the PoKeys plugin as before and select the PoKeys board from the list and press

Figure 9 - PoKeys Plugin Settings

Step 7: Go to the “Import/Export settings” tab and check the “PoKeys pin mapping” and “Encoder
settings and mapping” check boxes. Next hit the “Import” button and navigate to the location of the XML file needed:

  • Apollo I (or IO6) board: PokeysConfig.xml
  • Apollo III (or Interpreter): MotionControllerPokeysConfig.xml
    • Either of these files are likely located in the c:\mach3 folder or in the MachMotion Programs and Drivers Folder (shortcut on desktop or look in the C:\ drive)
    • Files are also attached to the online version of this document

Figure 10 - PoKeys import settings tab

Step 8: Close the configuration window then restart Mach3 one last time.

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Pokeys Operating Panel Troubleshooting


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USB Operator Panel Installation - Mach3


1. Introduction

1.1 Overview

System Components:

  • X15-10-01 Operator Panel
  • X15-20-01 MPG Pendant (Optional)

1.2 Tools Required

  • Small flat head screw driver
  • 1/16” Allen Wrench

2. Hardware Startup

2.1 Operator Panel Wiring

  1. The USB cable runs from the back of the operator panel (see Figure 1) to the control (see Figure 2).



Figure 1 - Back of Operator Panel


Figure 2 - Control USB Wiring Connections

  1. The E-Stop circuit goes from the back of the mushroom E-Stop button (see Figure 1) to the motion controller E-Stop connection (see Figure 3 for an example).


Figure 3 - Apollo E-Stop Connection

2.2 Pendant Wiring

  1. The 25 pin pendant cable plugs into the back of the operator panel (see Figure 1).
  2. If a motion controller being used in the system the MPG signal must be passed back to it for the pendant to work.
    1. Apollo I: There is no additional wiring beyond the pendant plug necessary.
    2. Apollo III: An Ethernet cable must be run from the MPG plug on the operator panel (see Figure 1) to MPG #1 on the Apollo III board (see Figure 4).


Figure 4 - Apollo III MPG Socket

  1. Interpreter 1000: An Ethernet cable must be run from the MPG socket on the operator panel (see Figure 1) to an open encoder on the Interpreter 1000 (see Figure 6). See Figure 5 for the cable pin out.

MPG Mod-Jacks

Pin #





























Figure 5 - MPG Ethernet Cable Pinout


Figure 6 - Interpreter 1000 Encoder Input

3. Software Setup

3.1 PoKeys Setup

The X15-10-01 Operator panel and the X15-20-01 Pendant use PoKeys interface software to communicate between the hardware and Mach3. To set up the PoKeys software follow the steps below.

  1. Install and run the PoKeys Setup executable
  2. Open Mach3
  3. Go to Config->Config Plugins
  4. Enable the PoKeys plugin
  5. Close Mach3 and open it again
  6. Go to Config->Config Plugins
  7. Press the CONFIG button on the PoKeys-PoLabs-vX.XX line


Figure 7 - Plugin Control

  1. Press the [Add new] button


Figure 8 -  Pokeys Plugin Settings

  1. Select the correct device from the drop down list (There will probably only be one)
  2. Press [OK]


Figure 9 - Pokeys Device Selection

  1. Close out of the windows and Mach3 and then open Mach3 again
  2. Go to PlugIn Control->Configure PoKeys


Figure 10 - Plugin Control

  1. Go to the Import/Export Settings tab
  2. Check PoKeys pin mapping and Encoders settings and mapping (see Figure 11)
  3. Press the [Import] button
  4. Go to the Programs and Drivers folder on the desktop
  5. Choose the correct PokeysConfig file and press [OK]
    1. Apollo I: PokeysConfig.XML
    2. Apollo III or Interpreter 1000: MotionControllerPokeysConfig.XML


Figure 11 - Pokeys Settings Import

3.2 Operator Panel Setup

Once the PoKeys software is installed and configured the operator panel can be enabled in the software.

  1. Select PlugIn Control->MachMotion Config
  2. Go to the Control Panels tab
  3. Check the box for X15-10-01 Pendant (see Figure 12)
  4. Set the PoKeys LED Offset to 1700 (see Figure 12)
  5. Press the [Save] button


Figure 12 - Machmotion Plugin Control Panel Options

3.3 Pendant Setup

To set up the X15-20-01 Pendant, do the following.

  1. Select PlugIn Control->MachMotion Config
  2. Go to the Control Panels tab
  3. Check the box for X15-20-01 Operator Panel (see Figure 12)
  4. Press the [Save] button

If the system has a motion controller continue.

  1. Go to Config->Config Plugins
  2. Press the CONFIG button on the motion controller plugin line (M3HiCON or M3DSPMC)
  3. In the MPG #1 box select the type of input and the index of MPG input used
    1. Apollo III: For MPG #1 use index 7 (MPG #2 is index 8)
    2. Interpreter 1000: Use the index of the axis the CAT5 cable is wired into


Figure 13 - Motion Controller MPG Setup


Warranty Information

MachMotion warranty policy is subject to change. Updated information is available at our website: