Yaskawa V1000 / A1000 VFD Installation



1. Wiring

Control Cable: The VFD Control cable is the green Ethernet cable that runs from the Yaskawa VFD to the Control PC as shown in Figure 1. Or if you have an Apollo III motion controller, connect the VFD control cable into Ethernet 1 Port on the Apollo III. 

(Figure 1 Ethernet Connection to Control PC)

 Spindle Motor: Connect your spindle motor to the terminals labeled U/T1,V/T2, and W/T3 as shown in Figure 2. If your spindle moves the wrong direction when you turn it on, just swap any three of the (U,V,W) leads.

(Figure 2 Spindle Motor Connections)

Brake Resistor: Connect your brake resistor by placing the two wires on the +2/B1 and B2 terminals as shown in Figure 3.
(Note: If needed to extend the wires use High Temp rated wire.)

Mount Resistor: Mount the resistor to the cabinet. Wire as shown in Figure 3.