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Yaskawa V1000 / A1000 / GA500 / GA800 TCP Modbus Communication Setup

Change IP and Communication Parameters On V1000

For GA series drives make sure the Yaskawa Drive Wizard is updated to the most recent version.

Quick access for the correct parameters:

Set these parameters from the front panel of the VFD and cycle power.

The default IP from the factor is  Each of those numbers is an octet, and we will be changing the third and fourth octet. The resulting IP address will be  

(Some of this information is from Quick Start Settings for EtherNet IP and Modbus TCP/IP option cards with Short Video)

Parameter Number Parameter Description   Settings for Ethernet, PROFINET and Modbus TCP/IP 
F7-03 IP Address 3  208: Sets the third significant octet (001 is the default value)
F7-04 IP Address 4

90: Sets the fourth significant octet (020 is the default value)

(If multiple drives are present, see note at bottom.)

F7-13 Address Mode at Startup 0: Static
O1-03 Frequency Display Unit Selection

1 : 0.01% units

1 on release later than 16161

The six parameters below are usually set by Mach (sometimes).

  • B1-01 : 3
  • B1-02 : 3
  • B1-08 : 1
  • F6-01 : 0
  • F6-03 : 0
  • F6-14 : 1 (Cannot be changed from the front panel.  Use Drive Wizard for this parameter) 

For a A1000 or a GA500 or a GA800, also update the following parameters:

  • H5-11 : 1

If there is a delayed safety relay (knob or switches on the front of the safety relay), you will need to set up the following:
(BOM Example: image-1640187980182.png)image-1640187974688.png

  • H1-07: 17
  • C1-09: 4 (Or to your deceleration time)

If there is just a standard safety relay (no knob and no switches on the front of the safety relay), set these parameters:
(BOM Example: image-1640187271259.png)

  • H1-07: (Default or 0006)

Follow these instructions to change parameters in the drive:

1) Press down arrow until screen reads "PAR." Press Enter.

2. Press down arrow the screen reads "F7-01."

3. Press ">Reset" two times until "01" is flashing.

4. Press the up arrow until the value reads "13." Press Enter.

5. Use the arrow to change the value to "00." Press Enter. The screen will flash "End" and go back to the previous screen.

6. Use the moves in 4 and 5 to change the remaining parameters:

       -Change F7-03 to "208"

       -Change F7-04 to "90"

7. Press ESC until the "F" on the screen is flashing. Then, press the down arrow until the screen reads "b1-01."

8. Use the steps in 3 to 5 to change the remaining parameters:

       -Change B1-01 to "3"

       -Change B1-02 to "3"

       -Change B1-08 to "1"

       -Change F6-01 to "0"

      -Change F6-03 to "0"

       -Change F6-14 to "1"

9. Power cycle control and enclosure to reset VFD.

NOTE: For multiple V1000's, each drive will need it's own IP address. So, set the F7-04 parameter for each drive in ascending order (90, 91, 92.)

NOTE: For the B1-01 and B1-02 parameters, we ship many of our drives with an option card that requires them both be set to "3." But, if these settings trip an alarm, see manual to determine correct parameters.