Yaskawa Absolute Encoders with Apollo III

Yaskawa Absolute Encoder feature allows the Apollo III to read the encoder position without the need for homing.  When the CNC control software starts the software will read the encoder positions from the servo drives and update the internal positions from 0 to the actual motor positions.

Absolute Encoder Overview: https://youtu.be/nGCJj8cYBUA 

Setup of Encoder: https://youtu.be/KQ_Kn0_gT4k 



Absolute Encoder License

Use the VSI Device Manager to confirm the Absolute Encoders feature is active. Or you need to purchase it and the software license part number is ABS-57.


Buffer board X15-03-04

This board is used to send the SEN command to the Yaskawa servo drive through the Servo Adaptor Board.  The board needs to be installed onto the Apollo III and a wire ran from the terminal labeled "1" on the green block to J1 pin "5" of the Servo Adaptor Board.


Digital Servo Adaptor board CCY-DF

This board is used to connect the Yaskawa drive to the Apollo III for commands and feedback.  Confirm the version number on the board is at least V1.08 or it will not work with the Absolute Encoder interface.


Motor Encoder Cable with Battery JZSP-CSP12-E or External Absolute Encoder

Yaskawa servo motors need a battery on the encoder cable to use the Absolute Encoder feature.  A new encoder cable can be purchased with the battery installed or a adaptor can be used like the one in the following photo.

(Not needed for battery less absolute encoders, or Dual Loop scales)