Probing on Rapidpath systems

By default, all our 2050 RP knee mill kits ship configured for normally open(Rising edge) probes .

 Most probes and tool setters are rising edge for accuracy reasons, however there are a few out there that are still NC. 

For an NC circuit probe we need to change a parameter in the CTB drive. See image below. 

By default, Probe 1 is our "Probe(G31)" input and Probe 2 is our Toolsetter(G31.1) input.

This shows that on(1) is falling edge(NC) and off(0) is rising edge(NO). Use a calculator set to bianary to figure out what the value should be. 

For example, to set probe 1 to NO and probe 2 to NC we would configure the calculator like so: 

This gives us the value to write to the drive, 256. 

Save parameters and cycle power to the drive. 


Finally, the signals in Mach must, of course, be mapped accordingly as "Active Low".






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