Match HiCon Serial Number With Mach4

  1. Open "VSI Device Manager" in MachMotion Programs and Drivers.
  2. Click "Scan Network." (red box below)
  3. Select the HiCon that appears in the "Network Devices" box above.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Never click the "Switch to Loader" button in VSI Manager. This can brick the HiCon which will render the HiCon unusable. This is not covered under warranty.
  5. Click the "Activation" tab. (green box below)
  6. Highlight and copy ONLY the last 6 digits in the full serial number.
  7. Open Mach4.
  8. Click on the "Configure" drop down.
  9. Go to "Plugins" and "HiCon Plugin."
  10. Paste the six digit number in the "Serial Number" field. (orange box below)
  11. Click ok.