Installing / Configuring INtime (RapidPath)

INtime is the RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) in which the actual motion controller runs. It must be installed and configured before our RapidPath solution will work.

Installing INtime

Run the installer. Perform a "Complete" installation (the default).

The latest tested version is build 18110. (2019-08-05)
\\files.machmotion.local\MachMotion\Information Technology\Common Software\RSI\INtime

It will require a reboot and a second phase of the install after the machine has rebooted and the user has logged in.

If you have a license code, it may be entered during the install, or you can skip that step and license the software later.

Licensing INtime

INtime will be licensed using a USB hardlock. The hardlock has an ID number on it. That is the means of uniquely identifying the license.

Configuring INtime

Assign a Network Adapter
  1. Start the INtime Configuration application.
  2. Open the (INtime) Device Manager.
  3. Select the network adapter to assign to INtime (usually, this is the RealTek 8168 Gigabit Ethernet adapter).
    1. Right-click on the adapter and choose "Pass to INtime with MSI"
  4. Click the "commit changes" button.
Configure the RTOS Kernel
  1. Start the INtime Configuration application.
  2. Open Node Management.
  3. Select Node A
  4. Select Kernel
    1. Change these parameters
      1. Kernel Memory (in MB): 256
      2. Kernel Clock Rate (in usec): 50
      3. Processor: 3
        1. (This is assuming the computer is a 4-processor machine. The specific processor to assign is arbitrary, but we usually assign the last one.)
    2. Click "Save." Restart the computer.



Resource: InstallingRSI.txt