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Apollo III Not Communicating

Description of the problem:
The Apollo III motion controller is not communicating, but all the settings look correct and the firmware and plugin match.
The issue may be a corrupted FPGA. To check and fix that follow these steps:
  1. Open the VSI Device Manager (most likely this is located in the Programs and Drivers folder on the Desktop)
  2. Press the [Scan Network] button to search for devices
  3. VSI_Device_Manager.png
  4. Check the value of the FPGA column. It should have a value similar to 7ACE. If it does not and has a value like 8000 or some other random number the FPGA has been corrupted and needs to be reloaded.
  5. To update the FPGA click on the [Switch to Loader] button
  6. Next press the [FPGA Slow Prog] button
  7. Select the FPGA file (again, this will most likely be located in the Programs and Drivers folder on the Desktop)
  8. When the FPGA programming done (it takes a little while) press the [Scan Network] button again to verify the FPGA value is now correct
  9. Press the [Close] button
    The FPGA can be corrupted due to a low level surge. It is not a common issue.
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