Apollo III Network Connections


Apollo III Network Connection

The Apollo III can be connected directly to the control or via an Ethernet router. Either of the two Ethernet ports on the Apollo III can be used. The Ethernet ports have a built in Ethernet switch so you can also use them to daisy chain other Ethernet devices together on a local network.


To set up the Apollo III to communicate with the control directly, the network configuration needs to be assigned a static IP address. The default static IP configuration is defined below.



IP Address

Apollo III


Configuring a Static IP Address on Windows 7

Click on the network icon on the system tray.


Click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

In the top left corner of the Network and Sharing Center window click on Change adapter settings.

Right click on the network port that the Apollo III is connected to and select

    From the list below double click on Internet Protocol Version 4


    Fill out the options as seen below.


    Press [OK] and close out the rest of the windows.

    The control now has the correct static IP address.

     Router Connection

    When using a network router to connect the Apollo III to the control there is no special network setup required. The router will take care of the IP assignments.