Apollo I

Apollo I - IO Chart

Here is an image of the IO chart for an Apollo I board.




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Apollo I - Enable Troubleshooting Guide

Below is the enable troubleshooting guide for Apollo I breakout board.


After reviewing the Enable Troubleshooting flow chart here are some other items to look for on the computer.

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Apollo I - Motion Troubleshooting Guide

Here is the Apollo I Motion Troubleshooting Guide




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Apollo I - Spindle Troubleshooting Guide

Here is the Apollo I spindle troubleshooting guide.



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Apollo I User Manual - Mach3





1. Introduction

The Apollo I Breakout Board provides a flexible, plug-in-play interface for the Mach3 CNC software using standard computer parallel ports.  Its key features include the following:

1.1 Overview

Use the diagram below as a reference throughout the manual.