remote-02.machmotion.local (Remote Desktop Machine)

This machine serves as a portal for remote desktop access to a computer on the company network.


  • Windows 10 Professional
    • vanilla desktop setup
  • machmotion.local domain member
  • Remote Desktop Users (local group)
    • MACHMOTION\Domain Users
    • (any domain user should be able to remote into this machine)

Network Setup

  • Firewall port opened on Internet gateway (
    • TCP:20803
      • forwards to
        • forwards to (remote-02.machmotion.local)

System Software


This is a wrapper around MS Terminal Services to allow multiple, simultaneous terminal services connections.

  • This solution is sensitive to Windows updates that change termsrv.dll.
  • Run a configuration check to verify that everything is OK.
    • The configuration INI file will probably need to be updated for any updates to termsrv.dll.
      • If an update breaks the ability to have simultaneous connections, look for a new issue.
        • Usually, the fix is to add version specific information to the configuration file.
      • Once the configuration file has been updated, terminal services needs to restart. A reboot is probably overkill, but will do the job.
Configuration Check

C:\Program Files\RDPWrap-v1.6.2\RDPConf.exe


If "[fully supported]" isn't shown, then the wrapper doesn't know how to handle this version of termsrv.dll.

If "Wrapper state" isn't "Installed", then you'll probably need to run the install script again.

Configuration File

C:\Program Files\RDP Wrapper\rdpwrap.ini

Each section in the file corresponds to a version of the termsrv.dll file.

Each version of the file has two sections.

  • <version>-SLInit
  • <version>


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