Mach4 Changelog

The Vesta Release

Release 17465.17523

Shipped 2021-01-08
Mach Build  4574
MachMotion Version 2.2
HiCON F/W 5.25
HiCON Plugin 2.50.22
RMP Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version


  • New HiCON to support absolute encoders
  • Removed Master Installer
  • Centerless grinder improvements
  • Surface grinder redesign
  • Single block reliability increased
  • Alexsys improvements for stability and correctness
  • Stability Improvements:
    • Dashboard crashing after config and during run-time
    • Ini corruption on shut-down
    • Command list corruption and crash on start-up


  • Added ScreenElements plugin to manage dashboards (DEV-1112)
  • HiCON plugin, firmware, and FPGA to support absolute encoders and absolute scales (DEV-1139)
  • MachMotionModbus plugin and PLC motion communication time-out resolved (DEV-1192)
  • Safety relay timing out does not allow the control to enable (DEV-1184)
  • Signal widgets accurately display state (DEV-1154)
  • HiCON supports gantry homing (DEV-1080)
  • All profiles can open and change values in MachMotion Screen config (DEV-1057)
  • RapidPath handles MSG_START_MOTION_DEV and MSG_START_MOTION_DEV appropriately (DEV-1197)
  • Centerless grinder part loaders supported
  • Centerless grinder fixed blade operation
  • Centerless grinder part counters
  • GMS 'OR' sub-sets evaluate correctly (DEV-1195)
  • G76 threading state detected through modal group instead of Mach state (DEV-928)
  • Disabled Mach crash reporting through installer created shortcut (DEV-1071)
  • New surface grinder screen with job file (DEV-1049)
  • Centerless grinder screen updates
  • Handle safety relay circuit reset failures (DEV-1184)
  • Tool setter height locally saved in setup wizard (DEV-1159)
  • Added Alexsys to Router installer (DEV-1109)
  • Added SheetCAM to Jet installer (DEV-189)
  • Added motor type to Apollo III installer options (DEV-189)
  • Watchdog timers stop reporting at shutdown (r17189)
  • Prevent build up of startup shortcuts from installer (DEV-1149)
  • Add GMS for HiCON overload input (DEV-1173)
  • Alexsys fix for chamfer bug and stability improvements (DEV-1156)
  • Alexsys Mill tool changes post on correct line
  • Alexsys fix for thread milling (DEV-1090)
  • Plugins handle MSG_CORE_SHUTDOWN and MSG_SAVE_DATA to prevent ini corruption (DEV-1166)
  • Fix M222 timing out on a 0 timeout
  • Added configurable formatting strings for pound variable and register widgets (DEV-1163)
  • Added configurable height for DRO-style grid widgets (DEV-1153)
  • Renamed M00 feedback command
  • Updated M00 logic to check for executable lines
  • Removed CommandList.ini file and switched to temp files (DEV-1125)
  • Single block stability improvements (DEV-817)
  • Switched grid-style widgets to a DRO mode by default (DEV-1143)
  • Fixed user object leak in GMS alert subpanels (DEV-1103)
  • Removed coroutines and GUI_MAIN_TIMER from modules (DEV-1089)
  • Added M1000 and M1001 for waiting in a subroutine
  • Added Centerless grinder operator panel option (DEV-1012)
  • RapidPath homing position and status saved globally for machine (DEV-1044)
  • Integrated keypad into screen objects (DEV-1033)

The Odessa Release

Release 14869.17387

Shipped 2021-01-06
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 4.17
RSI Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version
  • MachMotionModbus plugin and PLC motion communication time-out resolved (DEV-1192)
  • Handle safety circuit reset failures (DEV-1184)
  • Installer updates for Centerless grinder M30 and Cycle Stop outputs
  • Installer updates for safety relay circuit on Apollo III systems

Release 14869.17167

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-11-06
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 4.17
RSI Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version
  • New safety relay logic 
  • Fixed I/O widget unable to delete variables (DEV-1026)
  • Fixed Edge Finder buttons crash when auto-regen toolpath enabled (DEV-1169)
  • Added Alexsys to Router installer (DEV-1109)
  • Fixed RapidPath axis load gauges miscalculating motor id (DEV-1167)
  • Removed most ini settings from Master Installer to MachMotion Installer (DEV-189)
  • Added GMS for overload input on HiCON systems to MachMotion Installer (DEV-1173)

Release 14869.16865

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-09-25
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 4.17
RSI Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version
  • Reverted back to HiCON 4.17 and FPGA 8ACE
  • Added VFD option to run in percentage mode
  • Changed "Power Off" button to no longer be allowed a password
  • Streamlined backup program for faster zipping
  • Added option for vetoing job file actions

Release 14869.16161

The HiCON installed in this version does not support gantry homing.

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-06-29
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 5.06
RSI Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version
  • BugFix: Installer doesn't update some files (e.g. motion controller plugin). (DEV-1059)

Release 14869.16063

The HiCON installed in this version does not support gantry homing.

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-06-11
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 5.06
RSI Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version
  • Updated to HiCON firmware 5.06
  • Updated HiCON plugins for firmware version 5.06
  • Fixed User Limits (Probing)
  • Improved standalone installer
  • RapidPath: Added configurable timeout when starting the EtherCAT network (problem for slower/busier machines)

Release 14869.16020

This release does not have working UserLimits for RapidPath

This release has a mismatched HiCON firmware and plugin version

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-06-08
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 4.17
RSI Version 8.3.1
Alexsys Version
  • Improved error handling for plugin entries
  • Added automatic zipping to backup program
  • RapidPath probing feature enabled
  • Changed RapidPath backlash parameters
  • Changed how plugins got the current language id (now takes two restarts when language is changed)
  • Added on screen keypad option for dashboard number entries
  • Added ability to run commands from screen dialog without configuring a button
  • No longer allowing the wireless pendant to zero the X axis on lathe
  • Fixed RapidPath crashing on shutdown with a servo spindle configured
  • Alexsys is now an optional component of the installer Mill and Turn profiles

Release 14869.15661

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-04-29
Mach Build  4476
MachMotion Version 2.1
HiCON F/W 4.17
RSI Version 8.2.1
Alexsys Version
  • Improved Alexsys preferences and screen integration.
  • Surface Grinder screen updates.
  • Configuration window stability improvements.
  • New dashboard UI features
  • Added support for standard VFD configurations.
  • Added support for standard PLC configurations.
  • Tool changer fixes
  • Centerless Grinder profile dressing improvements.

Release 14869.15507

MachMotionModbus plugin does not support PLC commanded motion

Shipped 2020-04-07
Mach Build 4466
MachMotion version 2.1
HiCON F/W #4.17
RSI Version 8.2.1
Alexsys 4.1

Major Changes
  • 2000 Series Waterjet released for HiCON (Documentation)
  • 2000 Series Lathe released for HiCON (Documentation)
  • 2000 Series Cylindrical Grinder released for HiCON (Documentation)
  • 2000 Series Centerless Grinder screen redesigned
  • Centerless Grinder profile dressing
  • MachMotion Modbus interface redesigned
  • HiCON no longer needs extra motors for manual mode
  • Stability Improvements
    • RapidPath
    • GMS
    • Screen/Dashboard
    • Operator panel 
  • Resolved Mach 4 toolpath memory leaks that was resulting in controls exhausting memory
  • RapidPath probing feature disabled

The Bangladesh Release

Release 11172.14638

Shipped 1/20/2020

Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #14638
HiCON F/W #4.05
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Only unmap Input #1 on Hicon systems with Yaskawa V1000 DEV-860
  • Removed ability to set signal descriptions from dashboards DEV-852
  • Missing block to write filename and script type if not a custom action DEV-819
  • Removed default backup directory to "MachMotion Backup"
  • Fixed probing wizard check for softlimits
  • Added five more gear shaper cuts to screen
  • Fixed logging and multiple backup targets
  • Fixed: "un-check-do-not-configure-screen (saved from previous install) is ineffectual"

Release 11172.14453

Shipped 12/6/2019

Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #14453
HiCON F/W #4.05
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Added parameter for E2-03 on V1000 
  • FIXED: Probe retract over soft limit inhibits all motion after (DEV-803) 
    • Added smart compensation for retract vs. softlimits. Retract will never fail because of soft limit error. 
    • Fixed - stability issues with scientific notation and probing.
  • Fixed - Auto Tool Setter Input is wrong in RP KneeMill Kit (DEV-807) 
  • Updated backup utility in installer
  • Fixed check stop status in w.sleep
  • Fixed VFD alarm issues reported in (DEV-770). Alarms now register through modbus.
  • Enable necessary plugins to avoid I/O points not getting(and losing signal mappings)(DEV-755)
  • Added lvl 2 categories to some spindle parameters. Filled in some mandatory fields (name, type, description, default_value)[DEV-718;DEV-755]
  • Updated Yaskawa V1000 VFD install-time settings. (DEV-718)(DEV-755)
  • Add Click PLC project with Plasma installer (DEV-345
  • Summary: unconditionally install PoKeys Software (DEV-335)
  • Allow user to make changes spindle at-speed timeout (Mach4 has hardcoded value of 20 seconds)(DEV-721)
  • Fixed: niche-case startup error in PLC script (axis/motor not configured)
  • Added check for machine type in go-to code generation (DEV-730)
  • Removed debugging line spamming the status bar.
  • Added wireless pendant reconnect on failure and max reconnect attempts
  • Added explicit formatting to thread cycles (DEV-703)
  • Changed spindle warmup to use mcSpindleSetCommandRPM instead of calling the spindle speed macro directly.
    Also fixed text formatting issue in tool setters.

Release 11172.13716

Shipped 6/21/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #13716
HiCON F/W #4.05
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Fixed canned cycles threading not posting in correct format (DEV-703)
  • Fixed Mach4 signal mapping being lost when mapped to operator panel I/O (DEV-702)
  • Added option to lathe canned cycles for order of axes to move when going to next cycle (DEV-705)
  • Added libraries needed for HiCON to run to installer (DEV-709)
  • Added alarm on start up of Mach4 if RapidSetup has not been run (DEV-681)
  • Fixed go-to positions sometimes acting in incremental mode
  • Stopped backup program from locking up (DEV-446)

Release 11172.13622

Shipped 6/10/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #13622
HiCON F/W #4.05
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Fixed RapidPath enable outputs in installer (DEV-696, DEV-693)
  • Fixed pendants not being installed by installer (DEV-472)
  • Stopped "Enable and Home" dialog from remaining on top (DEV-499)
  • Ignored second reset press on double-press (DEV-590)
  • Added cancel to Run From Here on Mach disable (DEV-685)
  • Fixed bad module references in MotionController module
  • Fixed aux button scripts from not completing in 1000 Series
  • Added test distance options for Kneemill Setup Units Wizard
  • Added Yaskawa VFD to installer

Release 11172.13502

Shipped 5/28/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #13502
HiCON F/W #4.05
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Added default set of Mach parameters (DEV-587)
  • Added signal descriptions on HiCON installation (DEV-570)
  • Fixed zeroing in manual mode on HiCON systems (DEV-546, DEV-84)

    Requires firmware upgrade

  • Fixed spindle warm-up sequence ignoring G90/G91 selection (DEV-539)
  • Added checkboxes for skipping PoKeys installation and operator panel configuration (DEV-517)
  • Made the component checkbox for Delta spindle reflect earlier selection (DEV-517)

Release 11172.13274

Shipped 5/10/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #13274
HiCON F/W #3.99
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Fixed grooving lathe canned cycle not posting correct spindle RPM in part off operation (DEV-658)
  • Fixed probing wizard locking out editing if no value entered in field (DEV-675)
  • Stopped probing wizard from opening help dialog on enter (DEV-659)
  • Update the scripts for disabling windows updates (DEV-669)
  • Added parameters for Yaskawa V1000 drive
  • Operator Panel: changed lock between FRO and RRO to have FRO as the master (DEV-585)

    A change in behavior from Release 11172.13094

Release 11172.13094

Shipped 4/16/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #13094
HiCON F/W #3.99
RSI Version 8.0.7

  • Operator Panel: added option to lock FRO to RRO and ini configuration for such (DEV-585)
  • Dashboards: stability and performance improvements
  • Operator Panel: stability improvements (DEV-617)
  • MPG: Slow direction changes are ineffectual (DEV-589)
  • MPG: Accel/max velocity are incorrect after exiting Mach config (DEV-557)
  • Tool Change: Added safety check to ensure that the pocket the PLC changed to was the one selected. (DEV-633)
  • Fixed Lua "Error: GetOEMParamValueString(MachMotionOEMParameters,ToolSetterPositionType)" (DEV-593)

Release 11172.12722

shipped 2/22/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12722
HiCON F/W #3.67

  • Installer: always install PoKeys application (DEV-335)
  • Installer: always load the screen associated with the selected control model. (DEV-469)
  • Installer: Disable selection of control models for machine types that don't support them. (DEV-553)
  • RapidPath: always send spindle velocity-profile parameters before commanding speed (DEV-491)
  • Installer: Disable home in place for RapidPath; enable it for everything else (DEV-549)
  • Installer: Update Knee Mill I/O config to match standard panel (DEV-576)
  • Installer: enable home in place and soft limits for all six HiCON axes (DEV-549)

Release 11172.12654

shipped 2/15/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12654
HiCON F/W #3.67

12586 - 12654

  • Dashboard: simplify MDI buttons as function button (DEV-567)
  • Installer: allow profile names with spaces and other special characters
  • Installer: specify G94 (units per minute) as the default for mills (DEV-473)
  • Installer: configure machine-specific defaults (DEV-473)
  • Installer: don't overwrite dashboard on an upgrade (DEV-445)
  • Screen: buttons that should open dialogs do nothing (DEV-579)
  • Slight performance improvements

Release 11172.12585

shipped 2/6/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12585
Hicon F/W #3.67

12533 - 12585

  • Fixed unusual behavior of SRO knob/slider for 1000-series operator panel (DEV-558)
  • Fixed Lua Error: "nil" and "attempt to call GetTitle (a nil value)"
  • Fixed Lua Error: "Expected a 'string' or 'wxString' for parameter 4, but got a 'no value'" (DEV-528)
  • Installer incorrectly overwrites HiCON settings on an upgrade (DEV-537)
  • RapidPath: added safety check for uncontrolled move-to-zero on enable (DEV-538)

Release 11172.12532

shipped 1/25/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12532
Hicon F/W #3.67

12467 - 12532

  • sets calculated tool length to current tool number in tool setter position wizard DEV-518
  • added check for tool zero (which is not allowed) while calibrating tool length in tool setter wizard DEV-518
  • removed diagnostic registers that were causing issues DEV-510
  • fix FileQueue mutex problem using scoped lock object DEV-500
  • added check for operator panel thread running before starting it again DEV-510
  • added operator panel thread running as criteria for ending thread DEV-510
  • FileQueue close mutex handle on destroy DEV-500
  • don't restart LuaFileQueue timer after 10 unexpected errors in timer handler DEV-500
  • removed access to registers during destruction of IO operator panel DEV-510
  • removed unnecessary sizing on z position wizard (release) DEV-496
  • removed save commands on start of tool setter height and z position wizards (release)
  • check return of wizard before setting tool setter parameters (release) DEV-495
  • attempt to save/flush tool info immediately after it's updated

Release 11172.12466

shipped 1/15/2019
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12466
Hicon F/W #3.67

12357 - 12466

[CHANGELOG] merge harden-drivefault-reporting from dev
[CHANGELOG] updated operator panels to create jog rate register for the V1 screen to monitor
[CHANGELOG] Fixed another issue with older builds and tool setters
[CHANGELOG] changed method of copying modules/resource folder in installer DEV-443 DEV-470
[CHANGELOG] added line to specify "start in" directory for rapid path shortcut DEV-463
[CHANGELOG] Fixed tool tool pocket change

Release 11172.12357

shipped 1/7/2019
(first kneemill setup wizard installer)
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12357
Hicon F/W #3.67

12033 - 12357

[CHANGELOG] Auto tool setter fix
[CHANGELOG] Setup wizard for kneemill added
[CHANGELOG] (BugFix) Installer wouldn't update PoKeys if it was alread installed DEV-335

Release 11172.12032

shipped 12/10/2018
(first RapidPath installer)
Mach Build 3882
MachMotion Build #12032
Hicon F/W #3.67

10388 - 12032

[CHANGELOG] Bug: RapidPath:GetLoadPercent() fails/errors on the first attempt
[CHANGELOG] Added parameters for out of band axes rotary or linear
Changed rotary or linear parameters to default to linear
[CHANGELOG] Add semi-intelligent Python install code
Only install Python if the installed version is different.
Code Cleanup
Use StrFunc.nsh, remove manually-defined functions copied from NSIS project website
Upgrade to Python 3.7.1
[CHANGELOG] Added parameters for turning off mist/flood/spindle during cycle stop or m30 DEV-393
[CHANGELOG] (BugFix) Fixed error message ("Error creating motion controller object" and "Couldn't find the root screen object") when no motion controller was configured.
[CHANGELOG] MPG jog increment parameters added for rotary axes

Release 11172

shipped 9/21/2018
(first 2000 series installer)
Mach Build 3870
MachMotion Build #11451
Hicon F/W #3.67

10388 - 11451

Many changes to G68. All rotations might work a lot better
Demo mode times out with message instead of crashing
Peck drilling is now not limited 256 pecks. 


Add "Refresh" context-sensitive menu to plugin panels: MachineIO, DataViewer, IOViewer, SignalViewer.
[CHANGELOG] fixed rip cut at 90 degrees to be reliable DEV-242
[CHANGELOG] BUG: CPU usage very high during tool changes. Added sleeps to the while loops of PLC modbus waits so to let windows breath and clean up CPU usage
on my laptop went from 50% to 20% after adding sleep in SeqWait
[CHANGELOG] BUG: CPU usage very high during tool changes. Added sleeps to the while loops of PLC modbus waits so to let windows breath and clean up CPU usage
on my laptop went from 50% to 20% after adding sleep in SeqWait
[CHANGELOG] fixed goto positions config not saving being untied to a position type DEV-224
[CHANGELOG] fixed automatic machine calibration 'calculate' button enabling on subsequent opens DEV-214
[CHANGELOG] changed the minimum pokeys version to depend on the operator panel type DEV-177
[Changelog] Click PLC Oxy - customers can now modify the oxy output assignments
[CHANGELOG] User fields in tool table for limiting spindle direction.
[CHANGELOG] Fixed Plasma Homing Issue (DEV-105)
[CHANGELOG] fixed DEV-136
instead of setting rapid rate to 0 on going off of the 2% selection, setting rapid rate to 0 when setting an incremental selection
[CHANGELOG] Surface Grinder - added the logic to use fine dress distance. It appears to be working now.
[CHANGELOG] fixed GMS not saving filename between instances of Mach DEV-94
[CHANGELOG] changed label in automatic calibration to be what should actually be entered DEV-127
fixed apply-default-value logic
[CHANGELOG] (BugFix) MachMotion Parameters do not use default values if unsaved
[CHANGELOG] Grinder - Centerless - Added a kicker to the screen
Moved THC:Sync Hardware Enable to low-priority PLC loop
[CHANGELOG] BugFix: Neuron doesn't enable if the Plasma tab isn't active and lots of other PLASMA bugs (Oxy head selection, check homing state before homing, Oxy homing not working, torch not homing correctly)
[CHANGELOG] set the pokeys invalid serial number to be <= 0 again per DEV-30
[CHANGELOG] Centerless Grinder - Getting Centerless grinder working on current development

The Elderly Releases

Release 10278

shipped sometime/2018
(big jump to the new parameters and GMS plugin)
Mach Build 3804
10388 - 11333 

6432 - 10388
[CHANGELOG] (BUG) removed motor delay from plasma machineDefault.ini This is what was causing the enable and home dialog to not work.
[CHANGELOG] (BUG) Cycle stop while tapping was skipping cycle stop for good reason but then waiting for mach to go idle. Don't wait for stop if you're not calling stop
[CHANGELOG] lathe cc multiplies thread height by two when calculating the end X position
[CHANGELOG] added warning for spindle override < 1%
[CHANGELOG] fixed lathe grooving cycle to only cut in on one axis at a time during side-to-side grooving
[CHANGELOG] BUG: sleep after hicon homing for 800 ms to allow the hicon to finish up so that motion won't jump if you try to jog right after homing
[CHANGELOG] Mill - Added return tool - Call M6 T0 to return the tool and not pick up another tool
[CHANGELOG] Mill - Added enable output for wireless tool setters to machine parameters
[CHANGELOG] - Centerless Grinder - Added an auto loader enable button
[CHANGELOG] Added feature to Retain Mach Overrides On Shutdown
CHANGELOG: Fixed mach hanging issues in spindle speed macro
CHANGELOG: Added Macro Style Spindle Orient
added memory leak checking (_DEBUG only) code to RMP files
[CHANGELOG] BUG M225: changed the data verification for V parameter so you can do 0s and 7s it was only allowing 1-6
[CHANGELOG] Plasma - Raise torch in M30
[CHANGELOG] Plasma - plasma and servo oxy now work correctly
[CHANGELOG] BUG: In metric the Current velocity DRO flickers.
FIX: Find and replace "DRO Code">18</Property> to "DRO Code">0</Property> change to all screens unmapping the VelocityDRO to not be mapped to Steves code for it. we calculate the velocity ourselves in m.GetBlendedVelocity()
[CHANGELOG] BUG: In metric the Current velocity DRO flickers.
FIX: Find and replace "DRO Code">18</Property> to "DRO Code">0</Property> change to all screens unmapping the VelocityDRO to not be mapped to Steves code for it. we calculate the velocity ourselves in m.GetBlendedVelocity()
[CHANGELOG] added back in the event handler for the Machine IO config panel
[CHANGELOG](Feature) Allow renaming of GoTo positions.
[CHANGELOG] added in gms notifications to SIG_LIBRARY for limit switches
[CHANGELOG] changed jog rate boundaries from [1, 100] to [0, 100] (%) (bad binaries; fixed at r8318)
[CHANGELOG] updated a bunch of messages in the modules about how to reset the gms alarms and warnings
[CHANGELOG] updated rmp to set a drive alarm title as well as message
[CHANGELOG] BUG: Removed the logic from cycle stop to set the line number back to what it was when pressed. We think this was for plasma stop points but it doesn't seem to help things anymore. If you press feed hold and then cycle stop the current line jumped forward a long ways.
[BUG] machine calibration pulley ratio disabled on startup
[BUG] fixed license maker to correct the switch from command line
[CHANGELOG] [BUG] fixed issue with gms v2 upgrade to v3
CHANGELOG: Added custom machine type to the installer
[CHANGELOG] added additional logging to file for when a gms message changes state
[CHANGELOG] prohibit jogging while toolpath generating so that you don't get stuck in jogging state until generation done
[CHANGELOG] jog rate is set in Mach upon change on operator panel
CHANGELOG: MM installer configures machine for crash dumps.
[CHANGELOG] Tangential knife post for SheetCAM
CHANGELOG: MM Diag/Plotter opens faster, Plotting enhancements
[CHANGELOG] Plasma - Without auto igniter, running a gcode file with M6 T2 would error out
fixed for _DEBUG
Moved debug-new def out of header (no testing was done here, except building, but this is only for _DEBUG builds anyway)
'wx/msw/msvcrt.h' fights to the death with boost::sprit in _DEBUG
Mill - CHANGELOG [Mill] - Disable spindle override during tool change
[CHANGELOG] Global message system is now it's own plugin.
[CHANGELOG] Surface Grinder Updates from Install at Regal
[BUG] [GMS] [MachMotion] fixed gms start-up bug introduced at r7061
[CHANGELOG] New lathe comp fixes. This swaps the G42/G41 for some geometries where it was wrong. Also does the lead in and out different.
[CHANGELOG] Sigma Nest Post Fixed Angle setting for exact stop calls
[CHANGELOG] Many updates to turn for toolchanger and calculating offsets. Now turn uses the same toolchange logic as mill. Updated parameters for both mill and turn toolchangers.
[CHANGELOG] Wireless pendant is now functional... Not ready for release but can be tested in dev.
[CHANGELOG] BUG SpindleBrakeOn.mcs had a rounding error with wx.wxMilliSleep this was fixed in mill a while ago and now it's using mill as external to also fix lathe.
Router - CHANGELOG [Router] Added Configuration Sheet for Router Carousel Tool Changers
Router - CHANGELOG [Router] Tool unclamp button wasn't working on startup - PMC only runs after something is changed.
[CHANGELOG] (BUG) (Mill) SpindleBrakeOn.mcs was crashing saying "expecting integer got number" -- added a math.floor( to the wx.wxMilliSleep to keep it from crashing wx
[CHANGELOG] (Bug) Fixed crash when cancelling out of "Go To Positions" dialog (with no configured Go To positions)
[CHANGELOG] (Feature) Added OEM user GUI module with failsafe loading code in the default UserGUIModule
[CHANGELOG] Retract should be finished... Lightstack still needs to be updated to show when retract is active.
[CHANGELOG] Added parameter for exiting retract
[CHANGELOG] Screen Updates for V2 and Reset added to GMS
[BUG] RSI crashing on shutdown stopped with added MotionController::Delete() call
[BUG] RSI disable exception stopped with changing timeout to buffer * 1.5
[CHANGELOG] (Feature) Screen objects can be "stacked" within a group.
[CHANGELOG] FEATURE (Router) - Drill bank macros added
[CHANGELOG] Defaulted MachMotion plugin to not stop MPG jogging.
[CHANGELOG] Major module structure changes
[CHANGELOG] Updated plasma parameters
[changelog] BUG: Alexsys: New surfacing. Now graphics show more than just 1/4 of the surfacing
[CHANGELOG] Puddle Jump Time is now being saved.
[CHANGELOG] Retract updates
[CHANGELOG] Added profile item to control pendant stop methods. mcProfileGetInt(0, "MachMotion", "PendantStopMethod")
[CHANGELOG] Screen Version 2 updates and Retract updated.
[CHANGELOG] Added Retract dialog to CommonGUIModule.lua and added M235 MCode to talk to the screen.
[CHANGELOG] New version 2 screen stuff... Might break old screens.
[CHANGELOG] Added documentation for probing wizard
[CHANGELOG] New HiCON plugin with new motor stop logic and new sync motion logic
[CHANGELOG] Added solution for RoboticSys
[CHANGELOG] Updated Tool Changer Configuration Sheets
[CHANGELOG] Added new tool changer configuration sheets
[CHANGELOG] Bug: fixed dashboard diagnostics fixture offsets
[CHANGELOG] Bug: fixed probing wizard fixture offset pound variable equation
[CHANGELOG] Added GMSv3 documentation
[CHANGELOG] GMSv3 fixed bug generating script and io actions from lua
[CHANGELOG] Made opr panel calibration with better wx practices

Release 6432

This was shipped for a long time


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