Yaskawa Auto Tuning



  • have a tuning cable
  • download and install SigmaWin+
    • https://www.yaskawa.com/products/motion/sigma-5-servo-products/software-tools/sigmawinplus/-/content/_6c2e204d-20bc-475d-84a3-8f471d3ccaf7_DownloadSoftware
  • Copy over USB folder (M:\Production\Products\Drives-Servo\Yaskawa\Software\SigmaWinPlus570a)
    • Check device manager in the usb section or unrecognized device section to find the yaskawa drive. update the driver manually, looking in the USB folder copied over.
  • Open SigmaWin+ and connect to drive
    • If drive is not showing, go to device manager and find the yaskawa drive and update drivers (found on server: production, product, servo, yaskawa, software)
  1. Search and connect to the drive
  2. System must be enabled but drives not enabled
    1. There must be power to the drives, but disable the drive (deselect drive-enable (14-1) or if necessary, pull the control cable out from the drive)
  3. Select Tuning --> Tuning to begin the tuning process

Yaskawa Auto Tuning



  1. Select "No reference input" and press "Auto Tuning"
  2. Choose "0:A moment of inertia is presumed" (Auto tune will calculate inertia for us)
  3. Choose "2: Position"
  4. Choose appropriate mechanism
  5. Edit distance if necessary (3 revs is default)
  6. Select "Start tuning using the default settings" (can be done without this option, but this is the typical way to start)
  7. Select "Next"




  1. Turn the "servo ON"
  2. Select "Start Tuning"
  3. Software will run the motor through it's pre-programmed moves
  4. Click "Finish"
  5. The drive is tuned
  6. Click "Finish" again to exit tuning mode

Additional Parameter Checks:

  1. Check that model following is not turned on (Pn140, digit 0 set to 0, Does not use model following)
  2. Set feed forward gain (Pn109) to at least 75% and test machine
    1. If motor still lags, increase until acceptable
    2. If motor is shaky/jerky, decrease until acceptable


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