Wiring your VFD not purchased from MachMotion

If you purchased a VFD from MachMotion, all labeling is done and you will not need this information.

However, if you have your own VFD, you may use the following information to match to your VFD inputs (consult your manual or VFD manufacturer/supplier for proper connections).


See image below or attached for wiring a VFD to our Apollo III board:



The following table could be copied/printed to help you match your connections with ours:


0- 10VDC

CW Relay CW Relay Drive Enable GND N/C CCW Relay CCW Relay
RJ45 Pins 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Colors White & Orange Orange White & Green Blue White & Blue Green White & Brown Brown
Your Connections                

We also have a couple examples attached you can use to get a better understanding of the needed connections and compare with your unit.


Drive Fault and Other I/O:

  • It is good to connect a drive fault/error signal to our control from your VFD. This way our control can stop if your VFD has an error. This should be connected to X13 on the Apollo board.
  • Other IO may be connected as well. By default we use X14 for spindle at speed and X15 for spindle at zero. Other available inputs can be used for any other signals you want to include from your VFD.
  • If you need to supply the VFD with 24V you can use a wire from C0+ on the inputs of our apollo board.
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