Wiring Up A VFD Alarm to E-Stop Mach3

Description of the problem:

I would like for Mach3 to E-Stop when a VFD alarm occurs.
To set this up, follow these steps:
     1. Run a wire from A on the VFD to an input on the breakout board (X0 is not available)
     2. Run a wire from C on the VFD to C0+ (24V bus) on the breakout board
     3. Set the input port/pin address used in Ports and Pins to an Input or OEM Trig
     4. Press [OK]
     5. In the MachMotion plugin (under Config -> Config Plugins), set the user defined message to E-Stop and deliver the         desired message when the above specified Input or OEM Trig is activated (ex. "VFD Alarm Fault")
     6. Press [SAVE]