Spindle Speed Issues - Mach3

Always Max (10V) (or incorrect voltage on on the apollo board direction terminals):

If the output analog voltage is always 10 and so spindle runs full speed, no matter the spindle speed setting it is very likely the calibrate spindle under function cfgs has been accessed.

 -  close Mach3

 -  Delete the Curve[#].dat files and the Linearity.dat file in the macros folder. (the [#] represents various numbers for different filenames you will see. delete them all).  (this can also resolve incorrect voltages on the apollo board direction terminals: X-D, Y-D, Z-D, etc).

 Voltage Very Low or other 0-10V measurement issue not addressed above:

- config menu option, then ports & pins, then spindle setup tab 

- Record your settings (or create a backup)

- PWM Control should be checked and Step/Dir Motor should not be checked for most Apollo I applications and opposite for most IO6 applications.

- If still issues, Ensure Use Spindle Motor Output is checked

- If still issues, check the PWM settings (100 base frequency and Minimum PWM of 1 are good starting points).

- If still issues, send photo of the spindle setup screen to machmotion and we can verify other settings with our test/default profiles here

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