Spindle Pulley Setup

Description of the problem:

You're trying to setup the spindle and the speed isn't correct.
Spindle speed setting is located in Config -> Spindle Pulleys...
(Setting the ratio can be disregarded)
For the Apollo III/Interpreter 1000:

0V always correlates to 0 RPM. The max configured RPM sets the speed that correlates to an analog output of 10V. The min RPM sets the minimum spindle speed that can be commanded. If a spindle speed less then the programmed min is commanded a status message will appear saying that the commanded spindle speed is less then the minimum and the speed will be bumped up to the minimum RPM.

For the Apollo I:
It scales the voltage between the min and max. So min spindle speed will always be 0V and max will be 10V.
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