Screw Mapping

Screw mapping is available in mach3 and mach4. See sections below for each.
Mach3 Screw Mapping
To do screw mapping in Mach3 do the following:


  1. Home machine
  2. Open Screw mapping window (Function Cfg's->ScrewMapping)
  3. Select an axis
  4. Enter the length in system units (inches)
  5. Enable said axis
  6. Enter the true position (zeroed off of home) in the "True Position field
  7. Press "Add Correction Point"
  8. Move to next point (best to use evenly spaced points, like every inch)
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 until done
  10. Press "Save Curves" and "OK"
Notes: It is important to have an accurate value for the screw lengths as well as a point at the beginning and end of the travel.
Mach4 Screw Mapping

See attached PDF document. 

Keywords: screw mapping, linear compensation, pitch compensation

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