Screen Path Layout Opposite / Mirrored

If the toolpath is flipped, opposite, mirrored the following information and options may help:

1. We use cartesian coordinates, as "viewed" from the cutting device: (see note below)

2. It may just be the "positioning" of the monitor. You will need to reposition the monitor or leave it as is.

3. You may need to adjust the positioning of your CAM software

4. Swap the X and Y motors in software (ensure slave axis configuration is changed as well if applicable).

Note: If you have a mill where the head is fixed position and the table moves up/down and left/right then when the table goes to the right the drill bit is actually moving to the left of the part so this would be a negative move when the table goes to the right.  When the table moves away from you the part is getting cut in the negative direction so it would be a negative move.


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