Reversing Pendant Direction Mach3

Description of the problem:

The axis is moving in the opposite direction that you are commanding with the pendant.

To reverse the pendant direction with a Apollo III or Interpreter 1000, follow these steps (for Apollo I, see below):

     1. Go to PlugIn Control->Vital DSPMC Status
     2. Rotate the MPG and identify which channel the signal is coming in on
     3. Go to Config->Config Plugins
     4. Press the yellow CONFIG button next to the M3DSPMC Plugin
     5. On the System tab find the Hardware Encoder Polarity box
     6. Reverse the polarity on the channel identified in step 2
     7. Press the [Update DSPMC] button
     8. Press [OK]
For Apollo I, follow these steps:
     1. Open the Pokeys plugin (similar to opening M3DSPMC plugin above)
     2. Press [Configure]
     3. On the Encoders settings tab,  check/uncheck Invert on Fast encoder 1
     4. Press [OK]
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